Cancer chronicles2

I think He was strong and He perservered the pain.i watched him cry so much and even moan in his sleep.he died a soldier and braved the world.a whole year in pain that 4ml of morphine could not help.Life is short guys.lets make use of the years under this hot sun before the blanket of death falls on us…



my condolences

Pole for your loss. sending hugs your way.

Pole daktari… We all heading that way. Difference is the route we take. Take heart.

Izaah bro

Pole bro. Been there seen all…

How can u prevent cancer?

Rest in peace fallen soldier.

You cant just send condolences like everyone? Asshole!

Pole msee.

Pole sana.

My condolences.

Pole sana. May his soul Rest In Peace.

Pole bro. Ni hali ya life.
May he Rest In Peace