cancel culture

it is finally here, feminists are making heads turns, any corporate with feminists at the top will be fire ,one comment rubbing them especially the truth ,you’re done.


i support Shaffie na DJ mfalme wafutwe job not because walifanya makosa BUT BECAUSE THEY WENT AROUND APOLOGISING LIKE SISIES for saying the truth. wangekaa ngumu coz hizo apologies made them look weak and guilty of those phantom feminist charges

There will be blood.

I wonder how many women occupy senior management positions at EABL.


I agree with you. In Kenya we don’t apologize.

Expect that same slut to be posting bible quotes and motivational videos in the next few years.

mdosi wa marketing ni mumama

Hiyo ku-apologize ndio walifanya upus. Once the sharks smell blood they won’t back down. Ni kukaa ngumu, ukifutwa kazi ufutwe, na wale watajinyonga wajinyonge. Hawaezi kosa gigs. Kwanza Joe Mfalme ametangaza juzi vile ametoka Capirro alafu anakutana na huu upuzi barely two months into his new job. Ushenzi mtupu.

Noma…women n emotions.

CEO pia ni lady - Jane K

Hata Tiger Woods alikuwa canceled before it was even a thing. Watakuwa tu sawa. But kubend the knee apana. It will never be, if the intent is to destroy you completely.

walijaribu kuletea uncle Trump huo ujinga akasema apantambua upussssssssssss. wacha wamalize ile ghassia ya New york sasa alikuwa anapiga vigelegele wakishambulia Trump.

ofcos the real wadosi wa EABL ni ma patriarch , they dont know they are breeding a dragon that will eat them alive.

Washenzi, walidhani wakiapologize job yao itakua safe…nliwaambia good guys finish last.

Sema polepole, I will be smelling it later

Trump alikua msee mpoa sana. Hii culture imeanza kukua popular sana because of Biden

Why the fúck would you apologize for saying what you feel?
Those simps deserve the guillotine.
The rule is__say it and mean it.
Fúcking sissies everywhere

Never apologise for speaking the truth.

Media houses should employ competent trained radio journalists.

Many opt for socialites with social media clout to boost ratings.

Ata mimi anything EABL sinunui,am just one but I know I will dent their revenue,we have to tolerate each other buana