Canadian kalasingas wamesema Trudeau aende nyumbani!

During colonialism Indians used to be second tier citizens right behind the mzungu in all the colonies. In reality they were just being used as labourers. Though they would in fact get better treatment and freedoms than natives.

India was very valuable to the UK so Queen Victoria bribed them in 1858 to be part of the common wealth equal to Englishmen and to settle in the colonies but mainly it was to protect Canada from U.S invasion. Ndio maana wahindi hujiskia hivyo.

They come to Kenya as they please because to them Kenya is still a British colony with mzungu at the top, mhindi second and nyeuthi third. In their minds they will always be number 2 even if Uhuru is rais.:D:D

Similarly in Canada, its mzungu then Indian then red Indian.

The problem was that too many Indians started arriving in Canada and mzungu used extremely dirty tricks to keep them out e.g demanding that only Indian male workers came to Canada ndio wasizaane… you had to have a hefty $200 to enter Canada… riots were common whereby Indians were constantly harrased and beaten by the British settlers. Many were shot dead whereas many escaped South to the U.S

Ships would arrive laden with Indians but would be sent back by the mzungu settlers of Canada. The settler is often worse than the Britons back in England.

Canada is the main reason why India broke off relationships with the British and demanded independence. Because of the way Indians were treated in Canada, you can imagine arriving by ship after sailing for weeks and then being sent back to Calcutta because the British desire to keep Canada white. Many Indians died on those ships.

India’s independence struggle was very bloody.

This incident below is monumental because it is very rare even in Kenya to see Indians protesting against the system.


According to propagandists on western mainstream media hao ni Qanon white supremacists.:D:D

Ukisema Indian unakuwa specific usiseme Indian alafu baadaye unakam kusema red Indian. Indians ni watu wa India. Indigenous people of North America are Native Americans not red Indians.

The word native is tricky. It means “born there”.

If a mzungu was born in America, isn’t he a native American?

Na tena ujue red Indians walitoka na huko Russia na China. They crossed over through Siberia to Akaska via the Bering land bridge.

And they did travel back home before the land bridge disappeared.


When you use words like native and indigenous even in Kenya … mashida zingine zinaanza.

Unaanza kuskia madoadoa …foreigners … stole our land.

just look at their effeminate riots and music, who can take such people seriously?

Lupita Nyong’o alizaliwa Mexico and is currently a U.S citizen.

Ian Duncan was born in Limuru and let’s imagine he still lives there today.

Who is the native Kenyan between them?

Let’s say the kikuyu gentleman @Thirimaii was born in Mombasa but later moved to Limuru as an adult. Who is the true Limuru native between Kimakia and Duncan?

Let’s say Ian Duncan has even built roads together with his neighbours in Limuru…

Anyway the Red Indians were simply called that because they used to apply red ochre to their skins just like the Maasai. Plus their hair is dark and similar to that of Indians.

It wasn’t racist. But the woke activists who recently said that the nouns mother and father are racist, declared the name Red Indian as racist.

I don’t know who made them the official deciders of what is racist or not.

To an activist every word is racist. Yet they are too lazy to invent their own languages but want to dictate existing ones.








:smiley: na simchokoze tujue. Why is Trudeau hiding?

Wakuje kisumo/kibra for benchmarking.