Canada immigration

Is immigrating to Canada these days a viable option?

I met a guy tulikuanga na yeye campus a few years ago not a talkative person and was relatively chilled kiasi. Small talk hapa and pale and upon asking if he got a job akanishow he has been tarmacking for the last 5 years with no jobs. The only jobs he got are those short contract jobs only with very little pay.
He has now decided to try his luck abroad and he has decided its Canada. His father has decided to try and fund his trip out and they have already approached an agency that has taken people to Canada. The costs involved are massive. Niliiskia iyo pesa I almost went crazy. The agency is asking for 600k to make everything a success. To avail the funds his father wants to sell a piece of land and use some of the funds to enable him travel to Canada for work.

This got me thinking is Canada still a viable option nowadays?
If such an amount of money can be found why cant he just stay in Kenya and open a business. Unatajirisha mtu na 600k ndo akupeleke Canada hata ukifuatilia vizuri unaeza pata he doesnt need that amount of money to go to Canada.

I always ask myself if going to Canada is that cheap and one is assured of work, why dont those people working for agencies go to Canada and take up the opportunities they present?

Imagine atoe iyo pesa yote alafu askie ameconniwa.
Tricky man. Wacha ning’ang’ane with my 30k job hapa tu nikijipanga vile I can save enough money and see how I can better my life.


Guys pay UpTo 1M kwenda Canada. Business in Kenya imekua ngumu kama hajaanza. If I were him I would only go to Canada with a sure bet job lined up, have seen many videos of guys duped by agencies only to end up on Canadian streets. Alternatively he can go to Qatar or Dubai, it’s certainly much much cheaper, about 100-150k Kila kitu


Read about canada PNP program, it is self explanatory. Forget about agents.

Tell him to be very carefull, canada offers direct residency as long as utafika bei na sio 600k
But hiyo ingine ya toursit visa then you look for a job itamuramba sana.


hapa kuna mtu atachezwa, hizo agencies will take you to canada on a tourist visa ukifika huko wanakutoka and you are on your own. kama hakuna a job offer from a company in canada, let him try somewhere else.

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Hehe, hivo ndio mujamaa atakuwa homeless analala kwa streets

Hizo ni Visit visas na ukishaenda huko ukose kupata job urudi you will not blame the agency sababu ni ukweli walikufikisha canada. watasema ulishindwa na maisha

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Kama anaplan kufika aingie mitini mwambie ajaribu US instead. Canada hakuna cash jobs kama US. Na ni winter inaenda kuingia. Akienda bila plan ataona worse than iyo joblessness ya Nairobi. There’s also the risk ya kuoshwa na agent. Ongeza chances za visa denial. Na za kukuwa rejected at point of Entry. Ambia boyz wako apige mahesabu vizuri adi mwisho. Otherwise kitamramba


Well Said…

Babez wa Kuwait uko Kuwait for real? If so, tupatane nyuma ya tent tupige za diaspora

He is an idiot!!!

Why the fuck do you need an agency? Absolutely stupid. For all immigration purposes, please start by going to the immigration website of the embassy in question and see what category of visa you qualify for.

People pay agencies to do this for them?

Africans are stupid as fuck!


No Canada is not a viable option, angejaribu Australia. The agent will con him apewe visit visa yenye haiezi kumsaidia.

Canada si kama Saudi ati Kuna agent atakua amekuorganizia job ukifika huko. In fact there’s no need for an agent. He should just apply for a job and ask for assistance with Visa directly. Halafu cost of living sku izi imepanda vinoma especially in Toronto. People are getting out of Canada right now…

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Yes. Canada is a very viable option especially for skilled/trade work … but only if you do stuff the right way. Hii ya agencies certainly kitamramba. Companies in Canada have to show they cannot find someone in Canada to do the job before they are allowed to hire foreigners … that’s far and in-between and mostly on technical level. The service industry (fast foods) Tim Hortons, micky D, Walmart n such are the ones I seen bring in pple thru agencies and that was taken up by Asians… Filipinos, Indians a long time ago.

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Aingie US kupitia the canada US border

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Kukwambia utumie akili pia ni gate keeping? You guys are lazy as fuck that you’d rather pay someone 600k to do something you can do for 100 bob at a cyber cafe or did free on your laptop. Na hii mentality society ya Canada hamuwezi toboa.

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Kwani tulikuomba pesa

Heri kusaka means za kuearn 3k ya yuwes ukiwa vumbistan…

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Tell him not to try.Heri aende mexico then walk by foot to the US :grin:

Sinaloa cartel will get you ukiponea NAZI gringos militia hapo kwa border wakung’oe makende