Can you be charged with murder if remains are found in your compound?

So if you have been following the Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell case, you know that remains of two of Lori Vallow’s missing kids remains were found in Chad Daybell’s compound. Chad is Lori’s 5th husband. This story is complicated so I won’t go into it. It’s like all her former husbands died at the hands of her bro Alex Cox who died shortly after the kids Tylee Ryan a girl 16 yo and JJ Vallow 7 yo disappeared. Btw even Chad Daybells wife died mysteriously shortly before Chad and Lori went to Hawaii to get married.

The thing is that only Alex Coxs phone pings in Chad Daybells compound on the day that the kids disappear after a visit to Yellow Stone Park, I think it’s the same park where missing 11 yo Gannon Staunch was taken to by his step mom Latecia Stauch before he disappeared. I think Chad’s lawyers are planning to say that the bodies of the missing children were in his compound without his knowledge. This was also the case with a pastor’s son who picked up a mother of 4 Savanah Spurlock at a bar, took her to his parents house and had group sex with her which they recorded and then killed and buried her in a shallow grave in his dad’s compound.

So let’s hear from the lawyer Scott Reisch if circumstantial evidence like human remains found in your compound can get you indicted for murder. Like in the Cohen Wairimu case. We’ve seen people convicted with no body like the Patrick Frazee case after the disappearance of his baby momma /fiancee but what about when the body is found inside your property, what then?

Here’s the Savanah Spurlock case

Here is legal counsel from Scott Reisch on whether you can be charged with murder if human remains are found on your property.

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Venye umeambiwa

With corroborating evidence, yes. Its like asking can a masked gunman be charged with bank robbery if phone GPS puts him at the scene. There has to be a different set of evidence to add.
Cohen Wairimu case has additional evidence. She used to have a man come over to that house when Cohen would drive off…

From this lawyers explanation without a person to confess that you committed the murder the police cant charge you with murder. If there’s a snitch, even with no body they can charge you but there has to be forensic evidence from inside your car or house like blood then a witness.

This case of Lori Vallow 2 children’s disappearance and their remains being found in her 5th husband’s compound is tricky because on the last known video of the children, Chad Daybell seems not have been around and her brother was the last person seen with the kids at Yellowstone National Park. His phone also pings in Chad Daybell compound. Unfortunately the man is dead too. So it’s giving police a very hard time charging these people.

Cohen case is tricky because a man being in your compound alone isn’t enough to prove that they’re an accomplice. As Murgor rightly put it, a body can be planted to implicate the owner of the property.

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Cohens compound had many people living there. There has to be a specific reason why they singled her out and not the workers. I dont think the police have revealed all the evidence.