Can we

Refrain from hyperactive politics please.
Mnafanya niumwe na kishwa…

Kulisha watu equator. They can make noise but we will support you.

Or you can as well nyonga the bandwidth. That works perfectly, because they will whine for a day and shut up.

you need a massage now.

Especially those conspiracy theories and unconfirmed reports

No difference btw some guys here and those who fight for politicians…Same IQ…the way most behave they can kill for Unye or Tinga…Idiots

Zima KTalk. This is election period.

Kwani @predator alikula kalamu :D:D

Predator = wakanyaks.

You are damn right I do.
Hebu kuja boardroom kiasi.:slight_smile:


Ama nijipige equator?


Use your powers fairly and firmly!!! This is not the season for discussions. Utakujiwa peke yako

ngombe , Uzaa simu za sqny polepole na uturudishie generali wakanyaks

Utapata wengine hapa ni kelele na hawana kura.

[SIZE=1]can we[/SIZE]:slight_smile:

What about it starts with you (mods)?
cc murogi.

Aviator ulimea kuma mupya?

If the kitchen is too hot?