Can we copy Singapore's Housing model?

Peasants are allergic to trees.
Wanakata miti zote alafu wanateta venye jua ni kali.

How can you do that without conquering poverty and ignorance?

Are slums not good enough for hungry people?

Kenyans work only 8 hours, your jobless housewives have maids, as if they are royalties, because they are lazy.

Stop hallucinating, gikuyu gothic architecture is enough for you, lazy kenyans

I don’t know how many times am gonna tell you bonobos this: as long as your population doubles every 20 years, there’s little even Jesus can do about shit…

First of all, Kenya is dead broke. Broker than broke…infact just a few breaths away from total insolvency. These nice things don’t fall like manna from the sky, it takes decades of dedicated vision, sacrifice and hardwork. For now we can sit back and enjoy the pictures but understand that we will never see these things in our lifetime.

Hawakutuwacha nyuma because were never at the same level.

That housing project was part of the broader plan of industrialization. It was a deliberate plan. Its how we will fix our poverty. Ignorance will be wiped out as a result.
Hey if those Chinese, Malays and Indians of Singapore changed before the advent of the internet, so can we.

We are better than singapore. 80% of kenyans live in rural areas in their own homes rent-free and mortgage-free, and with lots of space. Singaporeans have to pay rent for life or pay mortgages for life just to have a place to live, unlike kenyans who just need one week to put up their house huko ushago and live happily ever after debt free.

Yes, thats why my opening statement was: "We will only begin to advance when we plan for our future generations and not make decisions for the now’. But nothing is achieved by chance.

On 1 decent meal a day? That farming they do cannot comfortably afford them medications when they get sick or exhorbitant fees for their 5 kids.

This is beside the intent of this discussion but 2.18 million people in Singapore were part of the top 10 per cent of the global wealth population, with at least US$109,400 (S$147,400) to their name ( not including property). This is almost half the 5 million adults living there. That is 5% of Singaporeans belong to the richest 1% in the world.

For the first am agreeing with you. Breeding like rats is one of our biggest mistake soon the country will flood of bastards.

I hate to agree with you but this is a hard fact to swallow… with most of our loans maturing we have little or no money to undertake such projects and we are still borrowing more…

Comparing singapore and kenya is wrong. Singapore is a port city, an island just about 20km x 40km in size. It was basically founded by the british as a trading post and port on the southern tip of Malaysia. Then chinese merchants came in and now make about 75% of the population of singapore. When the british left the colony, the chinese and other immigrants who were the majority said they didnt want to be governed by Malaysia due to “ideological differences” and thus formed singapore as a state. Malaysians make only 13% of singapore population. Also note malaysia is a muslim state while immigrants who form singapore state are not. Also many international companies that wanted to operate in south east asia chose singapore as their base due to its strategic location, diverse culture and also the neighbouring countries eg vietnam, cambodia were in turmoil.

Singpaore can only be compared to mombasa town and island which is also a tiny port city. And as you know mombasa is the second largest city and thus has a high GDP due to the port and tourism.

driving along naivasha kitambo used to be very nice, nowadays you see all manner of funny structures ,to the point kayole estate was born, total eyesore considering that’s a major corridor,you encounter dead dogs, cats etc on the road, then kplc decided to do a maze connections to that area. no planning at all., another one that seem to have had a plan was pipeline in nakuru, sahizi but nowadays shit is going on, where is the county planner, what are they paid to do?

Wheelbarrow ideolologists dnt have any such plans for kenya …just look at what happened to kimwarer & arrow dam

Corruption, greed, laziness and unprotected sex are the only problems we have in KE.
Let’s kill all thieves, then every third child unalipia tax.
And idiots wote jobless corner wapeleke NYS

watoto lazima wazaliwe personal target ni 30 .

You live in an acre piece of land in Shikhendu how will they fit there?

Very simplistic thinking, a high population should be a blessing to any country because you have a ready market for goods and services and access to labour which if educated and made productive contribute to economic growth, also you have a high tax base to raise revenue from. Both Singapore and Malaysia have good leadership which in turn drive change, they even have an urban planning body that is now planning how their cities will accommodate passenger drones.
In Kenya, a person fakes their certificates and still finds positions that they will be in charge of making decisions in the country in a parastatal just because they have been fixed by the president, DP and their cronies. These people have no vision and dumb down government institutions that are to be the drivers of change.

I am conflicted if this project could work in situations of unemployment and underemployment like in our case.

The government should provide housing to employed and unemployed and also control factors of production prices down prices. In the UK they have homes for refugees, domestic violence victims, and economically disadvantaged groups, etc, and the government and other well-wisher institutions subsidize their housing costs while they pay for the little top-up costs from the small jobs that they get, the development s are also controlled. That is why a person living in a ‘slum’/low cost housing in Manchester is more comfortable and lives more decently than a person in Buruburu