Can someone collect jumia order in your behalf?

Have tried reaching jumia through email, fb, twitter, phone no reply. my question is if someone can collect items on my behalf

Of course

Jumia ni @johntez addi gaza msafi mkipatana kona mbaya. Walaghai wote:D

Leta Ka hekaya…kulienda aje…

Zii,huezi nipata huko na bei zao exorbitant kwanza kwa delivery. Watu tu naskia wakicomplain

Yea. They go to the pick up centre and ask to pick. They show the agent an sms sent by jumia, and there they collect on your behalf. If asked for id they can say they forgot at home
Tell them to avoid telling the agent wametumwa kwa sababu agent ataanza mambo mingi ya jumia-policy

If i may ask, what’s in the package?

You sound like a criminal planning a theft


Why not ask them to drop whatever it is at your doorstep?

Niko far Lamu, i wanted someone to pick and deliver by parcel, when i put lamu as delivery location they put a timeline of 3-5 weeks. Hiyo ni time mob sana plus they dont have an office huku, so sijui how they are delivering. plus lamu is placed in zone 6 on their country rating meaning pia they put a premium tag on delivery

check my reply above

In that case then liase with the jumia agent. Tell him/her you will be sending someone to pick on your behalf. Remember to call with the number you use with your jumia account to avoid many questions
I thought it was a situation of you being around but not available to pick

They have an office in Mpeketoni liased under fargo courriers, Delivery costs 600 kes

Yes you can. Just give them the order number and copy of your ID