Can some expert tell us what is objectionable here?

Synthesised amendment bill:

On assent;
“The vice chair of the commission will now take over in acting capacity in the event there is a vacancy in the office of the chairman or when the chairman is absent.

Further, IEBC will be forced to transmit results of the elections electronically and manually deliver them to the constituency and national tallying centers.

Another amendment states that a court shall not declare an election void for non-compliance with the law if it appears that the election was conducted in accordance with the principles laid down in the Constitution and that the non-compliance did not substantially affect the result of the election.

The financial penalties on election officials who fail to do their job will also be doubled from Sh1 million to Sh2 million in addition to a five-year jail term.“


@Abba priss pitia hapa kidogo.

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Nothing really except if you are looking to act as a saboteur of that exercise


Looks good to me. Only people who have a problem with this amendments are the ones who wait to be read for. Saw a grown man twitter saying “I am waiting for Orengo to tell me whether the bill is good or bad”

They don’t have an issue with the substance, they only have an issue with ‘timing’.
The only time we know is the one we don’t have for their nonsense.
All loopholes must be shut and elections held on 26th.







na ile ingine ya supreme court about the quorum required to nullify an election and swearing in of the president ilipotelea wapi


Iko sawa

leave the fake news to bondostanis. we don’t need it


Thank you!

No comment.


That counter was swift.

your miserable life though

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