Can Munya do this? Import when we have local produce

Peter Munya has said taxpayers money will be used to import maize. No taxpayer money will be used to buy local maize.
Common sense dictates you buy local produce before going for imports.
What reason did he give for importing?

Because we aught to increase supply in the market. Akuna mahindi ya maana farmers wako nayo

Importing maize is a tried and tested cash cow no politician can resist.

Atamumunya pesa ya inchi hadi mukubali #WAJINGANYINYI

Our usual bonobo didn’t think of asking him to back up his sentiments with a “why” he thought it was best to import while our farmers have enough to sell to NCPB.

My friend, these thieves are hungry of money. They want to steal from taxpayers. We have maize but the government purchases them at shoddy prices. So we better change them to maize germ and give our animals. This hunger game society aims to make we poor and dem richer.

Farmers always have “enough maize” until government says it wants to buy from them…hapo utapata they hoard all the maize they have for better prices…This will automatically lead to insufficient maize in the market threatening food security…this will also finally lead to imports of maize from neighbouring countries…so hata Munya angebuy from farmers bado imports ingefanyika

But this is an easy problem to solve. Give local farmers the month of April to deliver their produce to the NCPB silos at a fixed price and then announce on the media that April 30 is the last day they will accept local produce. May will be importation only.
But like everybody else said, they have their cartels lined up so the Kenyan farmers have no chance

Anado tu chenye deep state walimuweka hapo afanye. And so does the Prez or anyone you think you voted for.

We should be discouraging imports in the face of the recession we are about to get into, this is not time to bleed money

Explain to us then why GoK buys maize locally at 1800 or 2000 but is willing to pay 4000 for imported maize?

And if your excuse is that we have high production costs take a look at Galana Kulalu irrigation scheme which was supposed to produce more than a million annually bags of maize at 800bob per bag yet it failed miserably, who benefits from our high costs?

Shida ya Kenya ni ati farmer hafikiwi na pesa. NCPB wananunua from middlemen sio farmers. Unakumbuka ile list ya wale wasee walilipwa hundreds of millions? None of those guys had that kind of maize planted on their farms. Unapata farmer anapewa peanuts na hao brokers halafu wanaenda kunukisha kitunguu huko NCPB.

That’s one ministry that’s need clean up

That’s not my worry…my only worry is I always get affordable unga on my table
Maize issues have always been there since Kibakis time…I remember well at the height of 2017 elections we had this issue…but the majority of maize farmers went ahead to vote three times for the current regime…so wafirwe kufirwa

This will lead to another scandal.

You need to think bigger than the ugali you’ll have for supper.

io matiti yako ingekuwa akili walai tungekuwa kama Singapore