Can kunyonga by a man cause a lady to get UTI?

There’s this lady, we went down 4 days ago …and I had planned we drop down coast next Friday, squeeze some time for ourselves.

Leo she called.

At she is having a discharge that’s smelly … ofcourse I became defensive

Then she asked me, “wee hunyonga”

I was like, “mbona unaniuliza bullshit like that”

She said, "hii ugonjwa pia hi.cause.iwa ka jamaa hunyonga

Wadau, is this true?


Jibu swali mattako black

I really doubt your intelligence.
Huyo kunguru amekuambukiza ujinga.

So ni uongo?

Unafikiria kama


ukitomba kunguru hana akili dry fry you absorb elements of her stupidity. Sahii uko na akili yake .

Thanks for the clarification

D- mcooosh wewe

Uliionea wapi?

That’s BS. Hakuna kitu kama hicho. Aseme huo ugonjwa unaitwa aje. Kwani uliingia construction site bila hard hat?


Enda upimwe alafu uambie kijiji tunakula githeri lini…

Sikulanangi ovyo ovyo

Emba leta at least a sketch of her

Unajiona special aje unaleta thread ya umeffi kwa hii category.

I thought you got A- in 94. How can you ask such a foolish question?

UTI is caused by bacteria. How the bacteria gets inside her urinary tract can be any of a number of reasons.
Most likely scenario is you caused it during sex. Enda upimwe.
But it could really be anything, even food. You know you Somalis with your poor food hygiene.

that’s some tribal shit…

When you are 5 people eating from the same plate with your hands, how do I know the other four people washed their hands properly after using the loo? Especially after washing their egestion ends in the halal way?