Can i Sue my Girlfriend?



Huyo ghasia should cut short his losses and move on. Hajui mkono mtupu haulambwi.


Sema mungich daktari wa meno, joo hapa kenol nikushikie tusker mbili.


Imagine that getting into a relationship required writing a CV and that cheating was prohibited. Waaaaaai, Ruto has to go!!!

A detailed CV.

When a woman thinks a man is attractive, she sends him her resume and a health report so he can take her into consideration. Kazi Anaomba.

After taking into account what she can offer, she provides a list of referrals (ex-boyfriends) and what they have recommended to help him make a decision. Her dating history, the duration of her previous relationships, and her dating experiences.

The man then lets her into his life and they sign a contract if she meets all the requirements. A year. Two years. Half a year. Someday, etc.

They stop the contract if the relationship doesn’t work out, and he gives her a recommendation.

Unapata mdem akona file mzima ya 200 pages na ikona stamps za ex-boyfriends. Unajua huyu ni reject, unapea contract ya three days ama 24 hrs.

Returning to the discussion topic. He ought to simply move on. Make money, become a boss, enjoy life, and work hard and wisely. That’s how the game works.


Hiyo ni troll.Kuna time nikiboeka napenda ku troll Amerix viserious sana.Halafu anapost kwa telegram group yake na his so called warriors wanashika nare na hiyo story sana wakisema simp na dust ni twins banae.Nasomanga comments zao nacheka sana.Nikiboeka siku ingine natumia Amerix madeup simp story ingine with a different username na the cycle repeats.Kitu nilirealize ni Amerix na hao boyz wake such stories trigger their emotions sana


You are not the original @Agwambo / @minomolokanyunjakoko / @Minomolokanyunja

I can tell you’re an impostor.

Mkuu,kulikuwa na handle ingine inajiita Agwambo?

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ati sue him? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

We should support that ghaseeer to sue the slut , si slut ilileta story vile inataka kusue husband who found her with two kids za ndume ingine eti for child support. Let him sue for emotional damage angalao huyo manager alipe kitu boy apee moyo pole