Can I import a classic car as a kit and assemble locally to beat the 8 year old age limit.

Wana kijiji is this possible or how do people import classics into the country and I dont mean your 2008 toyota.


When registering, what will you tell kra you got the car from?

That is why I am asking classic cars are ornamental should we not have a special category for it. Again how do people import classics into the country coz it happens.

a pal of mine brought in the engine of a 1950 car. i’ll ask him tomorrow about it.

Bora uweze ingia huko kabete ndaaani ununue numberplate mzee ya 504, may be KW something, then you can always bribe at the port

sasa uta fix aje plate ya pujo lets say kwa chevloret ama hizo za kitambo ma karao hawanaga noma nazo.

Following. …

The Kenyan cop has no idea about classic and non classic. They just read number plates, bora hauko kwa accident. But the safest way would be buying a RARE classic body here, complete with no. plate then may be importing the engine.

how about insurance coz ya logbook

That’s why I said it’d be better to try and find a classic body here. Just weigh the cost between all the bribes you may have to give and buying a body locally. At least that’s what I know from where I stand. Grogon level


It Has A Premium/Luxury Tax Associated But Can’t Recall The Actual Percentage.It’s Higher Than 50% Though.

that should not be a problem actually classics should have a premium shida ni hapa inje no one seems to know

Then the only issue is establishing it’s CRSP, and Passing inspection all events,steer clear of left hand drive vehiclez

The associated costs and incoveniences outweigh everything good about the final product

there is a meaning to ornamental, this is more of a hobby rather than just having a car to drive

true, get a registered car/body hapa then import the engine transmission and all other stuff

You actually can import a classic as a single unit. It’s however damn expensive and usage might be limited to exhibition only. Hata insurance ya classic car sio mchezo.

The essential part of a car is the chassis. If you import the chassis of a car you are then deemed to have imported a car and thus should fulfill all the standards set for car importation in Kenya including the not older than 8years since the year of manufacture rule. All the other parts you can therefore import irrespective of the age. Ahsante