can i find a nice apartment for 25-30k?

Been looking hard for a place with nice finishes for this budget along thika rd with the following amenities:

-no parking under the building but parking slots in an open area within the compound

  • safcom fiber / zuku
    -laundry area
  • 2 bedroom
    -shower and toilet separate

So far i have found one in thika and one in juja but abit outside juja town. Need another 3rd option.

Thome… Just behind naivas.

Boss unaogopa building ikianguka itafinya gari? Unasahau utakua ndani ya hiyo building?

Kuna jamaa yangu anaishi Kimbo naeza kuulizia. Area code Za Ruiru


Budget ya nguvu hiyo ,just think of owning your own house in 5 to 10 years to come. Calls for sacrifice

Vile Randy amesema

Yaani unapanga kuhama ukarent keja? You sound like someone with decent income. Jenga kwako brathe.

kuna kadha najua ruiru

I would appreciate.

I have an apartment on Kileleshwa I rent out. I live off it.

But will build or buy my second home next year

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Will be on the second home next year. Budget 5-9M (buying)

Have pics?

5-9 is alot of cash.Enough to buy and build your own place. Kuna plot poa sana somewhere near Githurai.

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Will cross the bridge when I get there next year. Building is definitely better and cheaper. This year I’m sacrificing by staying on Thika Rd and renting for cheap.


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Utajua hujui.

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There are very nice apartments on Mirema drive, off kamiti road all the way to USIU and PAC university…most two bedrooms go for 30-40 with enough parking. My I bed mancave is around there.

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are there many students there? Im moving out of my current place because of music at night

Students stay close to TRM

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