Can i charge this using a 12V and max current of 0.6A

[ATTACH]371727[/ATTACH] My router has a specification of 12V, 1A as shown in the image. Since i want to use it on travelling, i want to charge it using a powerbank. Pale online nimepata USB DC 5V to 12V Step Up Voltage Converter Cable to DC. It;s maximum output current is 0.6A. Will it work?

Most chargeable batteries have a Battery Management System (BMS) which controls charging, balances cells, prevents overcharging… Also chargers have a small circuit board inside which mimmics a BMS. Quite often the charger is calibrated to the battery. Depending on quality of BMS inside your battery, the transformer will probably work ok but there is a chance it will overcharge or even seriously damage the battery. Most cheap ac dc converters produce a poor quallity dc output which has undulating voltage (60hz). So please unless you have no choice, look for the appropriate power adapter for the router.

It will work. The specs; 12V, 1A define the max it can take and not what it normally uses. Going above 1A means it can probably destroy the router. .6A looks pretty marginal and would work fine.
If we were to subject your router to a desktop power supply, we can see it drawing 0.4A~0.5A.

Thanks a lot

Wacha porojo mingi. The question is simple and direct, unaulizwa choo iko wapi unaanza kusema vile hata hiyo choo haina tissue

You can charge with that system but it will take far much longer or even not charge fully. It (charger) might as well get quite hot and heat is an enemy to electronics.

Chunga kuchoma hizi voltage hazikuwangi exactly

it works but not that efficient it will be a little bit weak

Hello guys, i got the voltage converter cable some time back from amazon and works great. I have a 10000mah power bank. I have tested the router on adventures and it lasts over 9 hours of usage.