Can Arap Ruto Fight Corruption As He Purports?

Only time will tell.

The major drawback is that 99.9% of his clout are beneficiaries of corruption.

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ZAKAYO is Corruption …!! :grin:


Nabii is serious on corruption issue. Atalainisha kenya hadi tumrai atuongoze milele.

Kabisa ni vile uhuru hataki tuwe singapore.


he accused waiguru of carrying cash in sacks saa hii ni gavana wake.

If u want to catch a thief, u…

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Birds of a Feather flock together …
They are all eating from the same pot of precious Kenyan resources …
2027 is around the corner…
It will present us an opportunity , for once and for all , to offload all these morons , thieves , bankrupt elements and opportunists in the current Leadership…
The minimum requirement is simply a unity of purpose across Ethnic , Cultural, Political and Religious boundaries that separate us …
Surely in all our 47 counties …
At least 10 good men and 10 good women of Integrity and Virtue can be found to constitute an empowered People’s National Assembly to “Watchdog” a professional Civil Service , Judiciary and National Security organs.
That way , competent professionals run Government and a 960 member National People’s Assembly made up of various Oversight committees “Watchdogs” them …
Eliminate all useless senator, governor , mp and allied positions that no longer serve our interests.
The presidency and deputy positions should be ceremonial 1 year terms only and rotated among the various County Representatives.
The result is true equal representation from a county level.
Similar setups work well in Iran , Switzerland and Iceland.