Can Africans Salvage The Situation Using The Remaining Minerals?

DR, South Africa, Mali, Zambia have had Billions of USD stolen from them in the form of minerals and ores.

Despite the staggering amounts of minerals that have already been stolen by Western pests, there still remains substantial reserves all over Africa waiting to be exploited.

Do you know that Kenya has huge coal deposits in former Eastern Province but we cannot mine it because we will upset the cunts in London and Washington.

Malema was suggesting that Africa launch a currency backed by Minerals and that sounded like a pretty solid idea.

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I like how you said “remaining” minerals :green_emoji:


Chinese already have leases

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You own nothing

Africans huwa mnajiona special sana, wealth huwa inachukuliwa na nguvu za silaha, hakuna kitu ya bure kwa ii dunia.

Balochistan iko na wealth mingi zaidi kuliko Africa, na watu huko wanaishi maisha ya bandits na hawasumbui mtu.

Hamna akili, lakini mnataka kuenjoy life kama wale watu wanajua kuplan, haitawezekana.


Hamisha all nyeuthis to Europe alafu bring all the jungus to the dark continent. Ten years later baafrikas will be dying in the seas trying to cross back to Africa to seek asylum.
Sisi tuna shida kubwa.


Hapo ndio 100% ya ukweli uko.

Blecks hawana ability ama know how ya kuprocess naturally occurring ores to a usable metal in vast quantities.

Hatuwezi commercial mining Wala hatuwezi commercial agriculture bila corruption.

Just look at DRC



Anus licker where’s the wealth in anus licking

DRC is a gone case. Mining is a cottage industry controlled by warlords. Larger mines are controlled by foreign companies with troops (Chinese troops are there - confirmed) and mercenaries. Politicians demand shares in these companies.
Sasa how will this mess be regularized? It won’t. DRC kwisha.
Zambia copper belt is largely controlled by Chinese. In fact, in Lusaka you will find billboards entirely in chinese.
These other countries must also have a story of greed and narrow interests.
No redemption is coming. Maybe through widespread military coups and an age of visionary dictatorships, but that cure is potentially far worse than the disease.


Usipowacha your obsession with mcoondoos utakula block elder. Unachafua thread safi banae.

The kind of change you’re dreaming of takes eons. We will not see it in our lifetime.

Military coups that benefit civilians and not just disgruntled officers are unlikely. Recruitment into the armed forces is tightly controlled. Certain tribes always dominate certain units and senior ranks to prevent this from happening. It doesn’t help that most servicemen in Africa view civilians as cash cows and punching bags so they have little reason to change the status quo that allows them to prey on us. The benevolent dictator is equally unlikely because of the nature of power dynamics. Only a trusted member of the crooked political class is allowed to rise to the top. There is no way the beneficiary of such a system will turn around and be a man of the people out of nowhere.


Generally, I don’t like it that even when @ndindu brings up such an important issue, nyeuthiz seem to be totally oblivious of the forces stacked up against Africans controlling their own mineral wealth.

E.g since before most African countries were “independent” the western colonial powers have had multiple official government policies created specifically to ensure Africans never gain the capacity to exploit/benefit from their mineral wealth themselves. That’s what ALL the wars are about.

Those same forces have all along imposed those anti African policies on African governments via WB/IMF debt traps and manipulations and collaboration with corrupt African leaders like jsks/Mobutu etc…

Those African leaders that tried to go against those policies did not end well, assassination, military take overs, groups emerging from the woodwork fully formed with resources /capacity to cause major regional/national instability

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Shida ya DRC is that kagame wants to annex north kivu province, which is larger than rwanda and has thus funded tutsi rebels in drc such as m23 to achieve that goal. Kakame is also selling the minerals in the areas he has occupied in north kivu.

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Yeap. Power is taken, not given. Africans like to play the moral game when other races play dirty as fuck.


Yeap. Africans think you have to be nice and friendly when what you need to survive is being as ruthless as you possibly can. It’s something about submission that’s taught in Christianity. That’s why Africans just say yes to everyone.

They don’t know that power is forcefully taken. These people want control over their resources but play ball with wazungus. That can’t happen. Either you submit to them and get scraps OR go full riot mode and get everything back. There’s no middle ground.

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why do people like you always assume Africans don’t know how much white people have them by the balls? You think a security guard at Kakuzi or a driver at Soysambu Ranch or a tea-picker at Finlay’s is oblivious? In some ways they are more aware of neo-colonialism than you, who merely watches a bunch of limp-wristed intellectuals talking about it on the internet. And now that you have mentioned the obvious, what do you suggest is the way forward? At some point we must actually DO something instead of just whining about it.

Cash crops is another advanced tool of colonialism.

You grow shit that you can’t eat and they dictate the prices despite gobbling up thousands of acres that would otherwise have been used to grow food crops