Can Africa ever become a developed continent to reach the likes of Europe,Asia, and America

Can Africa ever become a developed continent to reach the likes of Europe,Asia, and America.
What’s your view,please join in the discussion let us know your opinion .

Yes but before then We need to excommunicate West Africa. Those cunts are still France’s Bishes

why not?

An educated African with a PhD will dump garbage on the road. It starts with the simplest things. Chances are higher of a lightening striking you dead in your house while sipping coffee as you watch the third episode of season 22 of The Simpson than African countries catching up with the first world.

the issue at hand is not catching up but growing to where the first world is.

first stop making a common white person mistake and paint Africa with one brush,54 countries, 54 different fortunes, each need to be examined separately but in a nutshell yes, Africa will attain convergence with the rest of the world, it will just take time, some countries will move faster than others but eventually all will get there, just look at Latin America, after decades most of it is transitioning to high income countries category.

No …were you in Nairobi today

Waafrika ni walewale akipata anajichanua wale wengine wabakie.its like what one talker said how africans get mesmerised when they see a felali or a labogin:):slight_smile: nikama miujiza kwao.afrika hatuendi popote

When was the first world where the third world is.

Yes, but for that to happen Africa needs major reawakening. Si ku copy/paste the west/Asia. Everyone has their own strength & weaknesses. Africa must focus on theirs.

Yes but it will need an entire new generation of Africans , raised differently with different ideologies and standards of thinking . Ones that learn computer coding and not their mother languages in school .

The current crop of beings in Africa , hapana … only like 10% but even they see it’s hard and rather save themselves and their posterity .

Yes, if we had free slave labor and thieving murderous governments to steal resources and land we’d do it decades.

What is development? Is it infrustructure or human resources?
Yes, many of us know how to read and write, but few of us have the ability to coherently articulate our thoughts, feelings, and ideas and or deductively reason these things. That is why you see even at a website like this one, someone would lash out at you with all manner of insults for no apparent reason… mostly they venting their daily frustrations due to the shortcomings in their lives.
The same is by extension mirrored by our affinity to violence. Violence in Kenya is a tool to gain respect, climb up the ladder, be good in maths at school, subdue the weakest links in our society… yes in our Kenya, respect is not earned but violently imposed. A teacher would thrash a child mercilessly for having reported late, mostly not the child’s fault but no one cares to address the underlying issues behind the lateness and punctuality, it’s just so easy to fetch that cane and go mental and savage on the poor child.
Our newspapers see violence as pure entertainment, the free media has to make money on our misfortunes.
Many of our brothers and sisters are knowingly unknowingly suffering from some sort of psychological problem, very few skilled health officials in this field and equally less facilities to accommodate such cases, Kenya is a haven of pedophiles, we see it as being a “man”, we glorify it some even thing is funny and entertaining.
Yes, we can build all those tall beautiful buildings, long bridges and even wear armanis, but until we do a Socio & psycho analysis of the health of our society Kenya, we are no where near development.
It is only then we can start talking about the strength of our nation.

We already have a thieving government and millions of underpaid slaves. Next…

To enslave others not us…

I think one would have to go back to the roman empire, I even feel back then they had better organized cities, considering the technology they had back then

Green laughing emoji x 17

Did Sweden and Switzerland and Germany use slave labor to get where they are today?

I agree. Kenya needs character adjustment and an adjustment in it’s attitude towards child rearing. Kenyans are abused and go on to abuse.

One would also wonder, whatever became of the “Kenyan sociologists”, their role in shaping up the narrative to install some sort of psychological order thus setting a healthy narrative? We ape and copy paste all these westernised stuff from entertainment, fashion, infrustructural development, but in the core of all these, the sociologists dominate the western morning shows. How many of our people realise this?
Take for instance the radio morning shows that made the phrase “mpango was kando” famous and a household name… normally targeted for the housekeeping mom at home, say, why aren’t our women folk savvy enough to realise these shows are detrimental to the health of their families?
Again, these radio shows have sponsors, why aren’t we seeing the womenfolk boycotting the same advertised products that sustain these programs?
It’s a very weird situation to note a population cheering their own demise, when a family breaks down, the doors of poverty, violence and all other negatively charged functions kick in, as the fool cheers for another jab…hii si maendeleo