Can a wife with dementia consent to having sex?

Where do you get the time to watch all these videos?

Corona shutdown manenos.

The same place you find time for watching premier league from start to finish. I always have time to be reminded of the depths of man’s depravity, so that I don’t forget man’s capacity for evil and let my guard down. The Bible says, have nothing to do with the works of darkness but instead expose them. If a man can not respect his wife of over 50 years and mother of his children and leave her alone bcz she’s sick,all he cares about is offloading his sperm bank, what hope is there for humanity? Sometimes as women we forget, it’s good to remind ourselves what the other half of the population is capable of so that we keep off and take all necessary precautions to protect ourselves from the selfish and beastly nature actually not even beasts rape sick animals, so let me stop insulting animals. They have more decency than the human male species. I remember watching a documentary about child prostitution an 11 yr old girl was being gang raped then she started throwing up the men could not even wait for her to finish vomiting first. Men need deliverance, demonic possession is real in men. Alafu after the group was nabbed, a guy who is a community activist Quanell X comes to their defense ati the 11 yo child consented to being raped by a bunch of grown men 18 to be exact and these were ranging from fathers and husband’s, to sportsmen to high school boys. Thank God I was not born a man. The curse of male sexuality and entitlement is real. At times I think heaven will barely have men, it will be like a girls school coz of the kinds of people men are, maybe God will lower the bar4all yall men bure all men will go to hell in a basket.

Even animals are not spared

Hakuna. Game huwa 90 minutes pekee. Wewe ni kama ukona 48 hours in a day. The most screen time I can do in a day ni just about the length of one movie

Alafu these videos ai,kwangu it’s a solid no. Ziko negative sana. Si unajua your eyes are the gates to your soul. Hizi vitu zitacorrupt your perspective on life


:D:D:D:D Okay elder. Noted

Please not the goats. Are you planning on raping those goats?

Denying your wife her conjugal rights can easily lead to a divorce.

@TrumanCapote , Kuja tukulane na sitatangaza.

:D:D:D MILF come slowly.

I can see how you are looking at those goats. It’s the same look you people have before you get a woman drunk and do the dirty on her but by the way I’ve always wondered if gang rape isn’t a sign of being gey bcz how do you look at another man’s erection and maintain an erection and then go in the same woman? Alot of men are low key gey and they don’t know or want to admit.