Campus Ngeos

Elders, does anyone have a genuine link to a group or a place where one can fish for campus ladies or Ethiopian/UG ladies? And not Tagged or Tinder, nothing really good there.


Kuna site flani sijui ama ni @Mzee Kobe Mjinga au ni @MZEE MYAMA hua anaanika huku. Its got numerous campos ngeos

Approach them physically, kama uko Nairobi looks for spots they hang out.

Thanks. I hope they can share it

Afadhali lanye mtu hutumia cd

Enda liquor lane USIU Thursday evening.

Try Kampala for ug ladies and Addis Ababa for Ethiopians passport required for Ethiopia temporary for Uganda

Mucha Gracias. Is it a sure bet nitabeba mtu?

Niaje unakaa mujamaa wa kuogopa madem hivi hivi … kuta nguna ana kwa ana mwambie shida zako, kama hajiskii songa to the next. Online dating and pucci buying ni upuuus ya hali ya juu

Enda club inaitwa Memphis

Memphis has not been operational for a VERY long time.

Ni game yako itaamua.

Memphis opened about 3 weeks ago. Was actually there on Sunday evening marinating some thick lightskins.

Ahhh thanks for the heads up.

What?! Corona ilipita nayo?

Kuna jamaa alipost about place ya keg frequented by campus ladies wakishasota,they were either from KU or JKUAT. Saka saka hio post or if someone remembers atukumbushe

Will give it a shot…what budget are we talking about

Thanks this one is a must try. Kama wanakuliwa on site I’m sorted, no risking taking someone home, thank goodness my windscreen is 3M tinted.

So with your broke ass you still have the energy to chase after young girls.?

Nilikula moja from club Memphis. Woke up in her bedsitter and blocked her thereafter. Sijawahi jidharau hivo bro!