Camp Mulla

In 2009, quality hit our radios. A lady with booty shorts, and some odd looking nairobi teenies, or so they seemed, let out songs with a retro feel. it was good, they were good.

And Africa agreed. They got nominated to the BET. What a blessing!

Then it turned curse when soon after they broke up. They have since undertaken solo projects that dont just lift off as higher as Camp Mulla.

I just wonder what goes on in their minds. Do they recognise correctly what they really threw away? Do they ever wish to join up and recook the magic?

I dont know. You dont too… but we sure that @introvert is the most mcoondu to ever grace ktalk.

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Hio sound ya production yao pia ilikuja kuwa monotonous… Swizz beatz as a producer got a signature sound he puts in his beats but he is very versatile… Hii ya camp mulla ilikuwa like wyre the love child and his sameol flow… No versatilty…its a good thing the band kufd. We will rem them for their three songs or so.


The chick was the main attraction. She chose to go solo after some bribes from old paedophilic music execs. The ugly boys didn’t have mass appeal so the group went under. Stranger than fiction.


same old hype train for Xtatic …different is always treated nicely at first

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Pia Sema ya kina Sanaipei Tande and Destinys child ya Beyonce went down hivyo. Once the superstar is isolated, the group crumbles never to recover.

They were good wangekuwa mbali sana sai

Ngoma zao zilikuwa kama riddims - same beats, different lyrics.


One of them is now an Uber driver

Na huyo dem aliwekwa ball juzi

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Eish. I thought those cats came from well off folks. Uber driver? Sad.

pia sema ya huko Jam Jam venye Wailers waalikua wabaya wengine wakadhani Bob ndo mbaya juu alikua suriama, lakini DA! BushDoctor Tosh alikuja mwoto na bado Bunny Wailer kachomoka kama risasi na Seize Fire, Family man na I3s bado wakawa wabaya, If talent is in, its upon the individuals Cheki Ksouth Flav, na Necessary both did quite good in solo, hutu ati camp Mula hawakua wasanii ama hawakua na jadhba ya kutosha.

camp mulla was just a group of rich spoilt brats with alot of connections.

Sema kulikuwa na rumors of both girls fighting over that ka vajo boy.

Kuna mmoja wao ni son ya Giddo Kibukosya na Suzanne Gachukia.

Sister wake alikamuliwa na Bamboo kwa war song part 1 :smiley:


Pam Waithaka (Sema) nowadays spends her days at clubs/pubs scrounging for beer and cigarettes. Till last year you would find her at (now closed) Zebra Lounge in Capital Centre Mombasa Rd


After kubuyiwa fobe watu walikuwa wakimchipo?

Kuna kamzee mwingine ndio alikuwa anamkamua

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Na kale kafupi kalikua na mammary glands kubwa alikua anaitwa?? they did a song

Na vile i had a crush on her nikiwa campo. Alikuwa ameiva kuruka. Sad how life humbles you.
Mwingine alikuwa Meg C. Siku zao walikuwa tops.