Camp Mulla were ahead of their time....hii banger bana


Meh, they sound and look like their era. Idk about “ahead of their time”.
I realized their music was very basic and we only liked it because of the presentation and English lol. I mean type those bars out and you’ll cringe


All their tracks sound fresh to date. That tells you something…They produced ‘feel good music’

Fresh in what manner? Rap went through like 5 different styles since this. Listen to a current local and international rap song and tell me the production and rapping style on this feels new.

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Lol, listen to the audio quality, video quality and flow. Then argue why you underrate them.

What they were doing was just basic. People give them props because they were kids who had rapping talents combined with their presentation and their polished English.

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Ile wimbo ya party dont stop ilikua moto sana.

The question would be,Is it ever played anywhere honestly? Therein lies your answer

cool kid manenos