camouflaged sponge

With the rains ,certain things are bound to happen…For instance,…flu, floods etc.But this is mischief of highest order.You come by a huge pool of dirty water and you have to cross it.Good people who care about others have put large stones along the flooded road for people to hop on and cross with ease.
But there was this kaevil person who strongly felt that it would be nice to add some fun to that puddle crossing experience by exchanging one stone with a huge sponge camouflaged as a stone.The worst thing is that its placed at the deepest of the puddle…surely?..mbona mbona mbooooooooooooooooooona…mbona ivo!

Picha ya aftermath pliz:D

Theres this video wasee wanasukuma Harrier mmoja anasema “Aaaah Niûkûgwa, Niûkûgwaa!”

:D:D:D:D jamaa anamalizia kukanyaga paper zimefloat juu ya maji stagnant akidhani ni mawe. Jamaa anasink! :smiley: Nimeshindwa ku upload

Cant relate.

Lete hio video

There are people who come up with devilish ways of having fun.

hehehe hio haiwezi …ni ka nimevaa socks bana…

Unaishi Pipu?

leta picha wewe bana tuone!

ngangana hadi ikuwe uploaded!

I have always tested the waters first; na kidole moja ya mguu.

That video was hilarious jamaa ali ingia mpaka kwa makwapa !

Hii video siwezi delete. Its always funny everytime i see it

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D asante sana.

That was nasty.

kilikuwa na video ya such a fall…let me look kwa twitter ya @Masaku_

:D:Dhii imeniua kaka:D:D




…ningependa kucheki aftermath ya hio clip