Camilla Parker Bowles

I think one of the worst things I’ve known about the monarchy is Princess Diana. Prince Charles now about to become the king married a naive Diana probably after the late Queen rejected Camilla as a companion to her dear son. Diana was hand picked and made to feel that she was the one, the best, the only one.

Almost immediately after the fairytale wedding, I always look at big weddings as the fattening or pampering of the flock before the slaughter and this is exactly what happened to Diana. Almost immediately, Charles went back to the woman he wanted.

As women who are in bad marriages often do, she gave birth to sons in quick succession. Hoping that her husband will return back to her. Things just got worse. She was terribly lonely and isolated and she took up charity work to cope. Since she loved helping the less fortunate. Often women who are in bad marriages redirect their energy and love to a career or business or charity which works out very well for them and in spite of being stuck in a terrible, lonely marriage they now have something to bring joy and passion into their lives. I have a friend who has become very passionate about her hobby bcz of a bad marriage. She uses it as an escape from the agony in her marriage and it has really helped her, she was having depression, ulcers and growths on her body due to the stress but she is now doing better thanks to her escape or coping strategy which is her hobby.

Back to Princess Diana the late, she met wealthy men who were smitten by her beauty. I guess the worst insult to a beautiful woman is for her husband to abandon her for an older woman who could not hold a candle to her in personality and looks.

I watched several movies about Diana it’s only Spencer that was too boring that I was unable to watch it. Because she was a real life princess akin to those we grew up reading about in childhood story books. She was very beautiful, stylish, compassionate, loving and caring. I personally loved her dearly. I know many girls did too.

So she started dating since her husband had moved on completely and she was so lonely and isolated because of being in monarch. Due to her philanthropy, she met celebrities and the who is who in society. She soon started dating men but because of the media or paparazzi frenzy she couldn’t keep it secret. The late queen warned her against embarrassing the monarchy and forced her to drop her boyfriend. However life became too lonely and again she found herself in a relationship with another man to make matters worse an Arab man. She was now exhausted from living a lie in a marriage that died at the beginning and made up her mind to settle with the Arab man. After several warnings from the late queen to end her latest relationship and be a good wife in spite of her husband moving on completely, she had had enough and obstinately continued to date the Arab man. The rest as they say is history. She died in a mysterious car crash while with her Arab lover.

The return of Camilla Parker Bowles has resuscitated the feelings of anger and loss that fans of Diana all over the world had buried. This woman will now be very visible to the public as Prince Charles ascendes to the throne.

Talk about betrayal. Alot happens in high profile marriages and particularly in monarchies. We have seen how marrying a black woman has alienated Prince Harry from the family as he follows his heart unlike his older brother who followed his grandmother’s expectations only to have affairs lasting for years with his friend’s wives.

The demise of Queen Elizabeth has brought back feelings of anger that were buried for a long time bcz of the way her family played poor Diana and then killed her to avoid disappointment. I wish I could say I will miss the queen but frankly I really hate what her and her son Charles did yo Diana. Who we loved so much. Worst of all Diana’s kids had to grow up with out their mother being forced to have Camilla who ruined their parents marriage as their mother.

In life, things are often not what they seem to be. As a way of grieving I watched every movie that came out about her. I realized that she was terribly unhappy and isolated in spite of the smiles she wore in public. She was a mere pawn to the monarchy. To the world she was a darling.

RIP Princess Diana, we still miss your smile, elegance and kindness to the less fortunate in society. I have nothing to say about the late Queen Elizabeth. Absolutely nothing. I am an African so I don’t want to talk ill of the dead but I won’t pretend that I will miss her. She was not a good person. Period.

Diana Spencer’s death was NO accident …

The Mercedes-Benz S280 pool car was provided by the Paris Ritz Hotel , owned by Billionaire businessman Mohamed Fayed, whose son was Diana’s lover Dodi Fayed. The car was owned by Etoile Limousines, which provided chauffeurs and cars to the Ritz.

On the night of August 31 1997, Princess Diana was traveling by car with partner Dodi Fayed, when the paparazzi started to chase their car through Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris.

Shortly after midnight, their Mercedes-Benz S-Class crashed into the right hand wall of the Pont de l’Alma tunnel entrance. Traveling 60 mph , the S-280 limousine swerved into a pillar and then spun.

The rear of the car smashed into one of the tunnel’s walls before crashing to a halt.
Dodi Fayed and the driver were pronounced dead at the scene.

Princess Diana and her bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones were rushed to the hospital. Rees-Jones survived. Diana did not.

The driver of the car and her partner Dodi Fayed died on impact, while Princess Diana was still alive when emergency workers found her in the car.
The former paratrooper was severely injured in the crash - in a coma for 10 days after the accident.
Due to his head injuries , he claims he suffered memory loss and, although he was the sole survivor, he couldn’t recall anything that happened, from 4 hours before he even got in the car with Diana.

The bodyguard was part of the investigation into Princess Diana’s death in 2008, and although he didn’t have many memories he helped the inquest decide that driver, Henri Paul, and the paparazzi were the causes of her death.

He is thought to have moved to the US for work, in the hope of getting away from any press attention, surrounding Diana’s death. Rees-Jones is now back in the UK, however, living in Shrewsbury with his wife - and working as head of security for a pharmaceutical company in the city.


  • “paparazzi” in cars and motorcycles chasing after her vehicle into a multi-lane road tunnel.
  • an experienced chauffeur and ex SAS bodyguard in the front , Diana and Dodi in the back.
  • at this point , the narrative gets suspiciously sketchy…
    And so does the following botched “investigations” …
    An accident not witnessed by anyone in spite it being a very busy tunnel…
    And the only survivor claims to have a “memory loss” of the incident…

If you believe that tall tale , then Lee Harvey Oswald is the killer of President John F Kennedy… :D:D:D

*** PS:
Just an amateur look at that car …
Would You conclude it was a Frontal or Side Impact …??? :D:D

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The details of that accident report appear inaccurate when you scrutinize the wreckage. That car looks as though it smashed into the rear of high trailer truck, diving under it and tearing the roof, or having had a huge boulder smash it from above the windshield, than if it had hit a tunnel wall by its right side, swerved into a pillar, then spun, hit a wall by its rear, and stopped. They say it spun, not rolled. What damaged the roof so extensively?
The rear of the car is completely unscathed, being the supposed last point of impact that caused it to finally stop its death dance. It’s difficult to piece it all together.
It definitely hit something very hard by a frontal thrust, then something obliquely smashed in the roof from above on the right side. As for spinning and rear damage, that’s hard to tell. One would expect the pillar to have stopped it. Just musing.