Cameroonian Soldiers Fighting Boko Haram

President Biya seems to have done a good job of taking care of the army. I don’t know if it’s the entire army or just the special forces, but these fuckers appear to be well taken care of. They also appear to be professionally trained, with more than enough weapons and supplies. Contrast this to the Nigerian soldiers who were complaining about being ignored by their government. The difference is like night and day. No wonder Biya can afford to live in Switzerland while he’s supposedly ruling over Cameroon. So long as the army is taken care of, the mofo has nothing to fear.

Niger Army killed 280 boko haram militants (either today or yesterday) na hawasumbui

Lakini there has to be a white savior for the narrative to appeal to the targeted audiences.

Waislamu shida yenyu hua nini jameni?! Of all the human sects uislamu ndio duni kabisaa. Sijui waarabu walilaaniwa na damu ama nini yaani even a polite guy like dr luther 12 akijoin hio cult anaweza badilika ile mbaya akiwika allahu akbar ananyamba grenade. na kua na kachuki kengine ndani ndani bure tu kuita wenzao makafiri. Everywhere they go they must forment trouble

You’re an ignorant person and have no idea what’s going on in the world.

I dont need to know alot, i have my ears and eyes to see whats going on

It looks weird when some coal black niggas shout that allahu akbar nonsense…alafu they’ve brainwashed even 13 year olds to commit suicide bombings. The funny thing is they’ve killed more (moderate) muslims than Christians. Some really fucked up shit.

Yaani wamepea kumanyoko moja full military protection? WTF!!! Saitaaan…

more weird than coal black niggas washing the otherwise potholed streets of Nakuru town for some …preacher?

Hata mimi hushangaa sana vile such guys as the one above like to pretend that kina boko haram are separate from islam…boko haram, al qaeda, al shabaab actually practice the purest form of islam. Ie kill all non believers in their words kaffirs

Ordinary Christians at least dont use religion as an excuse to cause chaos death and generally be a nuisance to others in our modern world…waislamu seem to be stuck in the middle ages

Priests wakristo ni wizi ndio wanapenda.

What the video doesn’t say, Kyuk, is that the Cameroonian Army is just an extension of the French Military force, who are increasing their presence in that area. Kwanza huyo father (very French) ameoneshwa saving (poor)African children :rolleyes:

I’ve been out of the loop, but wasn’t Boko Haram pushed really far to the point of (almost) defeat like two years back?

legitimacy starts with acceptance of your election by the forces in your country then congratulations by several heads of state and you are home free

There has to be a valid reason for AfriCom and all those other foreign expeditions to set base in Africa. At least Cameroonians are taking the threat seriously, Nigeria walilalia maskio kabisa. They would have easily nipped Boko Haram in the bud but their corruption and mediocrity had other ideas. Those terrorists are getting better arms, so obviously someone is supplying them.

The same way Syrian terrorists had the latest weapons, including anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles. Alafu for the group to be a threat to Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger, that shows some kind of high-level coordination of its activities. There have been splits in the group, but it remains a threat to at least 4 countries.

West Africa has a lot of problems. Burkina Faso too is experiencing ethnic clashes and jihadism.

boss alafu military industrial complex iuze wapi silaha? ukipata time watch hii

At one point the toureg rebels were cornered and then vanished into thin air!!! its like they just evaporated !!! your guess is as good as mine

Nigeria defeated Boko Haram when the army was in rough shape. They tried buying weapons and the US under Obama blocked them… The Chibok girls got kidnapped and that changed the war. Since they got chances to buy a ton of new ammunition. And they did there last push and completely got rid of Boko Haram and it’s leadership.

Suddenly these guys are back after AfriCom under French sent boots on the ground to fight Touareg rebels who annexed half of Mali but suddenly disappeared after a few months of light fighting.

Now in Nigeria Boko Haram is back but who are they really??

That’s not fair to Muslims,u can’t know which is purer since u are obviously not Muslim, am a christian and you should know that according to history Christianity was spread by the edge of a sword as did Islam, the people behind these terrorist groups around the world are tapping into exactly this kind of bias to start wars among people of different religions who have lived peacefully for millennia, their only aim is profit for their masters & themselves, it has nothing to do with religion…

the french are re-imagining America’s C.I.A.'s dirty tricks from the cold war in Africa, because as it happened in 1884, the scramble for Africa is now almost in full gear, especially in west africa, since Nigeria is the only powerhouse in a region of military minnows, it must be kept continually busy so it wont be able to throw i’ts weight around west Africa, coz countries in black west Africa tend to listen to Africa’s giant to the detriment of some world powers i.e. France,