Cameroonian man kills WIFE after she cheats with Jungu and divorce

Chris Takam, an immigrant to the US from Western Cameroon murdered his ex wife, Annie Takam, and called police before ending his own life. Chris Takam had built a life for himself in the USA before his wife of several years whom he had left in Cameroon finally accompanied him in America. Chris invested lots of money, to train his ex-wife Annie to go to nursing school and become a registered Nurse . After several years of marriage and 3 kids, she cheated on him with a white guy and filed for divorce. In the divorce, his ex-wife got the house, everything he owns, full custody of the children and was required to pay a monthly pension to his ex-wife for the upkeep of their kids. Takam was an atheist and didn’t believe in the hereafter. In a Facebook post he in 2019 expressed his belief that people should take matters into their own hands here on earth.


Mistake kupeleka an airhead majuu na kumsomesha. Even getting married in the west is a stupid idea

This is the responsive, wachana na hiyo umeweka

But why is the US justice system that unfair to men in divorce. I think had the filling been fair he would not have minded her leaving to go stay with her boyfriend. But taking all his property then forcing him to pay her an alimony plus child support must have been too much for him to bear
. Akaona Kama mbay mbaya. It was as good as being Dead

Thats where i got it but that site seemed more of a blog so i listed another source.

Truths about this case: They were married 20 years ago in Cameroun. The guy moved and she followed him later.
A man only invests in himself. If you choose to invest in someone else, they do not owe you anything. So invest in them parts that you dont need. If a woman decides to walk away, let her walk. Theres more to life than the woman. Theres hundreds of women out there.

Way to go. But I doubt whether that will awaken the feminist ridden society of US Meffi.

OP mistated the facts of the case. The law is very clear. In a divorce, theres a 50/50 split. Including the kids. If he is only granted partial custody of the kids, THERE IS A REASON WHY. It is not based on hearsay. And many times, a woman would rather you have split custody, even if she hates you. So she can get help raising them. Picking them up from school, doctor visits, attending sports games, etc. No other man that she meets will sacrifice and do any of that. And the kids would rather their dad anyway.

  1. Kunguru hafugiki
  2. Kunguru hajifichi
  3. Kunguru hakai kwa ndoa

If only men took their time before reproducing with women instead of rushing as if the world is ending, this planet would be a much better place.

Everyday i come across broken men who sired kids with the wrong women. These men would have been saved countless hours/dollars if only they had taken time to find out a little more about these women.

Above all

MGTOW = freedom

Kill more feminists system Ione wako na ujinga

Yes but i can still have to see how such a toxic situation can turn any person, where your wife cheats on you then divorce you and take your house while forcing you to pay custody of the children. Then seing your wife in your own house with her new boyfriend that she cheated on you with. I will only marry a women the same level as me.

Which facts did i mistate? All i wrote was copied and pasted from the following source: and

aside from the topic. wanaume ni nini inawaweka macho saizi?

Maswali za umama uliza nyanya yako

And quote

‘‘Due to the divorce, Chris Takam lost his house to Annie owing to the fact that custody of the children was granted in her favour.’’

siezi jibizana na omega male losing sleep over crying tiny creatures and an abusive wife.

This video highlights this exact issue… He speaks about the nurse’s.

Not the truth. You are quoting a paper written in Cameroon. Find something in the states.

Leave @Simiyu22 , he has read the comments on that story and he comes here to state them as a first hand information known only by him. Note how he does not tell you how he knows you have mistated facts.

Also the story itself would be inconsistent eg you dont pay pension to your ex wife.