Cameron resigns

He promised to stay before the referendum no matter the outcome. He has now resigned and main reason is he doesn’t want to be part of negotiations of the exit.
“Britain needs strong leadership to negotiate the exit with the 27 EU countries.” He said

What does he know?

makes sense on two fronts

  1. He would make a very biased negotiator
  2. He could not Marshall enough support from his party members so makes governing a big problem for him. got feeling the Ex Mayor was sizing him up

I agree. You cannot negotiate for Brexit that you so much opposed. It’s like how Ruto campaigned against this constitution and then Kenyan expect him to support devolution. Can’t work.


In a special edition of the BBC’s Question Time last week, host David Dimbleby raised the point that Cameron has described the referendum as more important than any general election.

“If you lost a general election, you’d be out of No 10,” the presenter said. “So if you lose this referendum, why won’t you be out of No 10?”

The Prime Minister answered: “Because I said very clearly, we’re going to hold a referendum and I would accept the instructions of the British people.”

‘Wouldn’t last 30 seconds’
Former chancellor Ken Clarke has said it would be “farcical” for the Tory leader to remain in power if Britain voted to leave “having campaigned for a position that’s been rejected”.

Kama ingekuwa Kenya…

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Mark Carney -Governor Bank of England on air and assures everything is in order. Promised to provide £250b to deter the processes.

Ruto cared less about the Constitution, He campaigned against it, solely not to be on the same side with Amollo. He also took advantage of the referendum to sell his URP party in the grass root.

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wacha niseme tuu ukweki…hii EU ni Germany tuu ina gain…so nam support. EU has elevated Germany so much hadi workers from Britain wanakuja ujeru kusakawax coz they get paid better here

I’d rather die than resign…


minimum job ujeru ni 8,50 euro per hour…usitake jua highest

na kuosha…ama wacha tu!

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Integrity is a jungle thing. In Kenya a politician is caught pants down, and when asked to resign, he says he better die, then resign.
Referendum ni homa.

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how can you resign after you die?

So why is it that the people who campaigned for the constitution now want to rape it…change every part that seems to go away from their liking


He hasn’t resigned (yet).

when i say minimum jua ni hio kuosha, umboch and all the low jobs

so Cameron hakuji Kenya…

There can never be another PM until October. So he will be PM till then.

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel is the real reason Britain PM Cameron unwisely called for a referendum. She is the Iron Lady of Germany and Europe. She has done what Hitler tried and failed without firing a shot. Take over Europe completely such that nothing goes without Germany approval. Cameron always felt isolated and Britain position was scorned at by everyone. As the biggest fund provider in EU, custodian of EU members debt, EU economic powerhouse she cunningly wields power by strength, persuasion and strategy. Today Britain effectively loses the “Great Britain” tag as Ireland/Scotland largely broke ranks with England to vote for EU. Soon she will convince more than half of Northern Ireland to leave as well before finally taking Wales. If it wasn’t for CIA misadventure in Ukraine then even that would have been silently brought into EU after successful EU-Russia treaty. Hang on England you former territories will soon start plotting full independence from the Queen. Montreal independence to join France and EU.


“I’d rather die than Resign”

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