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[SIZE=7]“Read my charges in Rastafarian” Man Caught In Possession Demands[/SIZE]
Standing next to a policeman who looks like he is twice as stoned a he is, and a lady officer who must have been thinking “maybe plants are really farming us, giving us oxygen until we eventually expire and turn into mulch which they can consume”,
A Kenyan man recently requested that his charges be read in Rastafarian. According to local sources, the man who was caught with an unspecified amount of weed further added that Rastafarian is the only language he understands.

Today I am going biblical… Wakiimba By The Rivers of Babylon

Kabla ya maharagwe ifike stage ya monocotyledon

hii tuliona

I took a spliff this morning of
The international herb
It make I feel so groovy man (the international herb)
It gives me inspiration in music man (the international herb)
So that is why I can’t refuse it man (the international herb)
My bredren nuh love it and I love it man (the international herb)
The span of my life is not a bucket man (the international herb)
Jah (rastafari) selassie I
Jah (rastafari) live it up
Jah (rastafari) me tell yu
Jah (rastafari)
Its good for meditation man (the international herb)
And it was way from creation man (the international herb)
Even the doctors knows about it too (the international herb)
Scientists they knows about it man (the international herb)
Take a draw and don’t you doubt it man (the international herb)
For if you go to Africa you will see it man (the international herb)
Run up by Englan’ and you will see it man (the international herb)


Science hukufanya hata primary school?


:smiley: @Chloe
Monocot = maize (cotyledon cannot be divided into 2)
Dicot = beans (cotyledons can be divided into 2)
They both fall under angiosperms which means they’re flower producing plants.

…and she knows what else can be parted into two. Is it also a ‘dicot’?:smiley:

You have derailed the thread to teach me about science. Bulari bagas :D:D:D

Weka paybill utumiwe skool fees. Ama unataka @Chloe akulipe na mwili.

Chloe ako na husband so hawezi kubali Nitachukua mia tano asande:D

Chukua slices zako halafu uleft.

kingdom plantae, division spermatophyta, subdivision angiospermatophyta, class dicotyledonae, order, kaulize nyanya yako, nugu

Kula Mavi ya kuku