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In my opinion, men have failed humankind. By running away from responsibilities and leaving those innocent, naive and clueless ladies, we’ve christened “single mothers”, to single handedly nurture the boys into real men is adisaster to human race. [ATTACH=full]163390[/ATTACH]

Forgive me father for I will not click…unlesssss.

This is deep . I never realized that all those mass shooters are from single mothers. Though nitakataa kidogo… remember the Florida gay club shooter ? He was from a solid unified family . Anyway depression is the main cause . Women handle depression better than men . They contain it to manageable levels. For us we seek easiest route out of it . Some alcohol , others mass shooting and others suicide . It’s tough to be a man

kwani its only US with single mothers?

I always keep away from such generalities, there are many single mother’s who’ve done an excellent job bringing up and educating children who have gone on to become achievers.

Access to guns makes it more vulnerable.

It’s aproblem that’s becoming way to common even in Kenya. Father’s murdering their family members is almost becoming a normal occurance. Mordern man lacks shock absorbers to handle the realties of life. So that element of absentee father could be a contributor to the problem.

Ujinga ni half baked brains believing everything feminists throw at them, maisha is a young couple that has been blessed with child hustling together until they crack it. To also believe that it is only the boy child is not nurtured into a real man is missing the point, the girl child is also riding the same boat. If the girl child is already predisposed to be a single mother it does not matter how much of real man you are, sooner or later one of you will leave the other.

In the tune of ???/1000 per annum and compared to what past figures?

This is steered by the fact that the better halves are unreasonable.They push unrealistic demands,they want a man to reach for what he can’t at a particular moment but with support he would in due time,they compare themselves to others who are in much superior lanes and worst of all is when the woman’s immediate family push him to live upto certain conditions through the wife.The result is that the man ends up unwittingly frustrated and challenged and the last thing they wanna see is the purpotted source hence the killings and maiming that we are hearing of.