Cambridge Analytica's adventures in Kenyan elections 2013, 2017

We all knew that CA was hired by Jubilee. They even had it on their client portfolio section of their website. What we didn’t know was their job description.
What this executive has confirmed, without coercion, is the kind of work they did for Jubilee.
Rebrand the party
Write their manifesto
Write speeches
‘Stage manage’ things.

Was Jubilee rebranded? - Beautifully if you ask me.
Was the manifesto done? - At least they didn’t have the chaos of 2 manifestos like Nasa.
Speeches - Probably meant the manifesto speech, because the roadside speeches were off the cuff.
‘Stage manage’- Jubilee campaign was run hundreds of times better than the Nasa campaign.

If you replace ‘Cambridge’ with any Kenyan PR firm, like ‘Cynthia Nyamai’ or ‘Gina Din’, Nasa people will have nothing to talk about.

And by the way, even the ‘hate’ campaign people accuse CA of having ran, was only telling us what we already knew.
For many years, people have been referring to Raila as ‘Lord of Poverty/Violence’. The Google ads telling us that were nothing new.

And finally, at the end of the day, we voted along tribal lines, as we’ve always done.
I’m yet to see any Luo or Kamba admit that Cambridge Analytica made him change his/her mind.

I don’t see what the problem is here with regards to the Kenyan elections.

Elections in Africa are not won on twitter or facebook

If they were, peter Kenneth would be pork and miguna governor of Nairobi

Much ado about nothing.

Sure? Have you watched the video?

Yo! Felo!Peter Kenneth and Miguna were operating on the front end of social media. CA uses it’s back-bone.

True as that maybe i doubt CA would have convinced a diehard uotp to vote for uhuru or diehard rwnbp to vote raila

No, the die hards stay die hards, they either get emboldened or suppressed., There’s those who are easier to manipulate too

The biggest issue I got from an article is that the apps we use ndio hu gather our personal data and from that they can create a profile. If they get their hands on data from a few thousand people, they can accurately predict how people will behave. The worst part is we are the ones who willingly download these apps and we let them access personal inofrmation (that’s why Facebook said that CA didn’t actually steal data, but they misused it). Kutoka leo I will be very careful with the apps I download plus stop playing those funny games on FB.