Cambridge Analytica is back

Cambridge Analytica ,propaganda machine is back
Mimi naona hii story ya Brian kibet is just propaganda and making kenyans to concentrate other places.hii story haimake sense kabsa.halafu amepewa media coverage saana

Same juzi Malik Heights walisema msomali alichoma magari worth 600m…apparently when he handed himself to the police aliambiwa arudi next day

Hata sio cambridge. Mwathethe wanaeza fanya hivo to test how angry Kenyans are. Mmekasirika kiasi gani? Can you go Sudan route?

@maizeroaster umetia watu njeve? :D:D

He he ati are back? Kwani kuna mahali walikuwa wameenda?

Waendee second hand jackets from China pale Gikosh ziko cheap

Next election mmoja wao naona akisimama M.P.

I do not trust a revolution lead by someone called Brian Kibet. Hata labda ni afande Lang’at Kiprop anatupima akili.

Soma Protected Areas Act. He can only be fined a maximum of 10,000 shillings.

Ndio maana @Thiem hajakosea sana. We would like to see that shoulder wound if it exists.

Halafu unaskia ati 10k only. Hii ni setup.

Tangu lini Kenya forces achape mhuni shoulder wound? Reality ni kwamba huyo Kibet saa hii angekuwa na crashed balls plus “suspect tried to return fire so my boys returned fire and fatally destroyed the suspect. My boys did a commendable job.”

Ye people of little understanding.
Cambridge Analytica was a data analytics firm.
In short they sat all day behind computers, analyzing what people are interested in and serving them targeted ads.

They didn’t have boots on the ground.

But I understand there are people who eat, sleep and dream conspiracy theories every time.

Your last name betrays your shitty opinion

Very original.
I’ve only heard that a thousand times.

Maybe Tangatanga bloggers encouraged him to do what he did to test the waters. Maybe uhunye’s minders on realising his ethnicity have decided to release him to avoid backlash from the Rift. I saw his pic of 2 bandanged spots on his shoulders but of course incidents like this zinakuanga na alot of misinformation and disinformation to shape an agenda.

they do much much more than targeted ads ask yourself why one of their whistle blower(former staff of CA) died in cold blood in nairobi if all they did was just targeted ads behind computers.

The staff who died was not the whistle blower. It is the guy who replaced him after that vacancy, that became a whistle blower.
And how did you know he died in cold blood. He was found dead in his hotel room, at a time when he was working for Uhuru’s campaign.

And CA’s crime was obtaining data illegally and breaking privacy laws. No one has accused them of anything more.