Cambridge Analytica Again!!

This time a very succinct explanation by a Disqus member @The Star (horrid paper, best Kenyan media forum):
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The reason why you are reading about Cambridge Analytica is because of BREXIT and Hillary Clinton. Under conventional wisdom, the idea of the UK abandoning the EU or Clinton losing the election to Trump were almost as likely as being struck by lightning twice. So when those two events happened, people needed to believe it was not their ignorance of the circumstance that underestimated the opposition to the two actions but rather there must have been a CONSPIRACY - The common factor between these two events was Cambridge Analytica.
What does Cambridge Analytica do? They are experts at data mining science. For example for Trump, they created an online survey to understand the mindset of voters. They approached Facebook to run the survey on its platform as an App. Facebook agreed but like all other developers, Facebook set gates (or rules) that CA would need to respect to use Facebook. However, CA lied to Facebook and created an intrusive app that worked against the user intention, while leaving the user unaware of its action. One of the things the app did was if you used the app, you automatically allowed it link all your Facebook friends to it data server. So even though they only got a few hundred thousand accounts to use the app, those accounts had over 50 million linked friends which CA captured and transferred to its servers. So based on the reality we ALL have became too honest online, it is very easy for that kind of app to exploit what you and all your friends like or dislike.
How is this useful, If CA discovers millions of Kenya are critical of high interest rates, they can tell Kenyatta to change the law and millions of voters will think Kenyatta listens to the voters and prefer him to Raila. Remember most of us forget EVERYTHING you do on social media or search is documented and stored as data, so we are unusually honest on these platforms than even to our friends. It is also important to note, they do not need to know your name they only need your honesty. In fact science has shown people are more honest when they are anonymous. Once they collect, sort, collate and analyze your data they can build an almost perfect profile of every type of user. The rest is human nature. It is not propaganda it is much worse, it is you telling CA how to influence your thoughts and then the company feeding back your thoughts. You respond to it because you think it is a politician paying attention to your concerns but it is you setting yourself up.

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Are you sure about this? Because I am a peasant here on Ktalk but a birrionaire in real life :D:D:D

Good explanation. But let’s be honest - millions of companies do this (phishing) and use your preferences ‘against’ you. Cambridge has the advantage in that they have the extrapolation and analytical expertise but even FB are/is guilty of this “crime”. Duping FB is another issue altogether…

hii ime ni malisa :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Kenyans never dissapoint

Rather than the virtual threats like Cambridge Analytica, I am more concerned with that mpesa agent, the random guest house receiptionist and the random bus service ticket clerks who take all my identity details from myself by coercion!

Yesterday I heard Magaya say that from their own finding (yeah right) they were sure something fishy was going on. Then he went on to say how iebc and the rts were manipulated.

I realised the guy is several levels down on the intelligence scale because he’s mixing two very unrelated issues.

And they want the US and UK to probe the issue. The same guys they were vilifying a few weeks ago.

kenyans like kusafisha macho,so a president should legalizevit to be more 2 cents

Uhuru’s handshake unwittingly gave new life to arguments and theories that were as good as dead.

Yaani he ran down the buffalo, sat on it and, at the moment when a good hunter would plunge his spear into the ribcage, he let it stagger to its feet.

Isn’t this the old argument that called Uhuru and Ruto vifaranga vya computer, disregarding the fact that the role of ICT in 2017 was not to store votes or declare winners and losers?

That is what internet marketing is based on. Even google facebook and every other company sells adds and info based on user behavior. And you are never served with a notice.

It is very true, a man like uwes praises his boss when talking face to face, but abuses shiny eyes while in this anonymous forum:D:D:D