Cambridge Analytica Admits To Manipulating Kenyan Election

Are you trolling?

Big picture @Mathaais . Cambridge Analytica may have perfected the art of voter manipulation in the digital age but their idea of preying on people’s fears during elections isn’t new. What they’ve accomplished should at least encourage us to look at the ideas we hold onto and ask ourselves whether they’re of our own making or whether someone else put them there.

P.S. they were also present during the 2013 elections

sometimes we overestimate the number of kenyans with access to the internet, we will get a clear picture once the next census is conducted, but I believe majority of kenyans live in the rural areas and most don’t have access to social media otherwise akina pk would have performed very well.

Most voters get their news or information from political gatherings, I think the 07 violence and the subsequent ICC fiasco has had more influence on the last 2 elections, than some guys in the UK

One thing we don’t get is that any third world elections is not determined by the nation itself,kuna wadau wazito huko nje who benefit from it,they will manipulate,coerce,kill and assassinate to make things work in their favour in regards to business affiliates and financial orchestration.on the other hand kazi yetu waafrika nikukatana mapanga na chuki

This is extremely good publicity for Cambridge Analytica

They will get more business out of this. Politicians are rogue and will contract them even more.