Call to prayer for Waislamu

Just a small question.
Why do the Muslims’ call to prayer have to be done via the old and outdated Ahuja loudspeakers?

Cant they use modern speakers?
Or can’t everyone with a phone use the alarm to get hourly reminders and recite the prayer in silence?

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Hama isli

Niko Keren Mdau

Ama south c. I doubt Kuna area with more mosques in Nairobi except for maybe Eastleigh. Every estate built by waria has a small mosque hapo Kwa entrance

Nilikaa garissa a few months na nilipenda kuiskia.

Pastors should be the ones to embrace technology sikubark siku mzima through concert grade speakers Sundays hakukaliki mtaani.Kondoo zinafaa kupewa bluetooth headphones wapashwe injiri.

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Those mosques should be vandalised and those stupid speakers send to Ukraine so that they modify them to bombs