California Fire: Kanye West, Kim & 250,000 More Forced To Evacuate Homes

[SIZE=6]California Fire: Kanye West, Kim & 250,000 More Forced To Evacuate Homes[/SIZE]

  • Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Lady Gaga’s home and Will Smith’s are at risk of being consumed by the wildfire.

Five people have been burned alive in their cars by a wildfire in Northern California while officials warn that two other blazes ravaging the southern part of the state are zero percent contained, threatening to destroy thousands of homes.

The notorious Santa Ana winds are expected to continue fueling the three fast-moving wildfires as they tear across large swaths of the coastal state. Over 240,000 have been evacuated across the state.

In Southern California, nearly 150,000 people are under evacuation orders as a pair of life-threatening fires have overtaken more than 40,000 acres, with dry winds of up to 70mph push them westward toward the Pacific Ocean.

Three wildfires are seen burning in California on Friday. The larger Camp Fire in the north has killed five and destroyed the town of Paradise.

In the south, near Los Angeles the twin Hill and Woolsey Fires have forced an evacuation of Malibu.

A home burns on Friday as seen from a helicopter in the Calabasas section of Los Angeles

The smoke from the fire is seen from the Pacific Coast Highway as residents flee Malibu and nearby areas.


waaahh enyewe africa tuko na bahati. Lakini kwajili ya ujinga yetu hatuwezi enda mahali


Tuko na ujinga juu ya hiyo bahati, we were never forced to improvise on a level that Europeans and Asians had to.

Sin=Death. God is patient and forgiving for those who repent.


Insuarance executives in a strategy meeting on “how best kujiondoa from this”

I thought God promised to never use bad weather again as a strategy after the great flood?

Na ndio will smith has a whole town for a home…that house is huge

[SIZE=7]Family drive through flames escaping California wildfire[/SIZE]

Nilidhani ilikuwa usiku, reminds me of driving in the fog at night through the remote, no-network, elephant-infested aberdares forest.


Are you trying to argue with an apocalyptic fool?

Nerves of steel and razor sharp reflexes needed. Stopping is 80% inferno death.

I wonder if this is deliberate?

Small fire seems to start here and is put out very quickly since its a good camping area…

Deliberate no. Thats a long shot because calif is a dry area. sasa pare nyasi inshika moto teke teke, add mega winds, mega inferno ikiwaka sambamba hakuna kuita wazima moto. Mguu niponye! majacuzzi, gari za uzito kama kumi kwa parking, ridiculously big houses, down to ashes.
Yooote ya dunia ni vanity. Enjoy it while it lasts.

true I’ve always believed that snow played a huge part for europe to develop. This forces people to improvise as you say

Has anyone watched Weather warfare Documentary?
Hii moto kuna watu wananukisha vitunguu… wacha tu.