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I want to print A3 hard paper calenders 1000 pieces
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Bingwa tafuta @Afro

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@Afro kuja unukishe kitunguu

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i once asked on a thread about tshirt printing using heat press ukalenga…

Sorry if i didnt reply,was it about how one can get started ama?

yeah, that one

Pole. i dont do garments but naeza kupa insights since i interact with people who do them.please Nisaidie na link ya hio thread. Niisome tena

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  1. Printer nununua epson l805 ama l850
  2. About sublimation paper, the best place kununua ni shop fulani inaitwa ink pro technology,iko old ramogi studio house pale luthuli ave after sky mall,2nd floor room 201a. They will sort you out in every way. Hadi inks za hio epson.
  3. As for the heat press machine. I havent shopped for one in before let me ask around for the best shop. but those guys wa inkpro unaeza wauliza whether they can source or recomend a good one for you. alafu They have the best prices on everything

Alafu tshirts naeza kuonyesha where i buy them coz i wear them a lot. Ufanye comparisons on qualities and prices as well

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