Cabro mwitu

Cabro is just concrete, this is q much simpler means of getting the same results


Simpler but very costly and won’t last for long. Hakimoto hawezi jua hii mambo. Omwami was raised in a mud thatched hut.


Who told you it won’t last?

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jaluo @hakimoto from usonga village namalizwa na mijinga ya one chweza

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Good luck if it can withstand the weight of vehicles weighing more than a half a ton or the weather conditions that will alternate from rainy to sunny . The fundi knows better but meffi yeye. Mentality ya kesi baadaye will finish Kenyans

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I would think that a concrete slab will do just fine. As long as they put steel rebars in there, weight and cracking will not be a issue.

Why won’t it last. If the concrete was mixed proportionally and cured the right way and is not being used to pack 10 cars daily, it should last up to 25 years without repair

Waste of money. That concrete wont last. Angenunua cabros.

For aesthetic purposes , but structural integrity would different from real cabro.

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Good for foot traffic…

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For light traffic areas…backyard maybe.