Cabinet secretaries net worth

When someone says their net worth is from real estate and shares, don’t they need to explain how they got the cash flow to afford such expensive assets in the first place?


What continues to bother me is that all these “wealthy leaders” invest in real estate and farming only. None is mentioning a business venture that employs several hundreds or thousands of kenyans. No mention of a national brand, product or service. This is where our problem as Africans start.

It seems only Indians and a few Kenyans have invested billions in businesses that employs and exports products. The only way to develop our economy. No wonder none of these imbeciles will feel the pain with high cost of doing business. 80% of their wealth is from tenders and kickbacks.

You dont need to explain anything when you’re in charge of everything. All these guys are looters plain and simple

Davis Chirchir was fired from the same docket some years back over corruption…well, he is back to the same docket. Ni God manze.

Farming is OK

where are these farms that makes them 100’s of million ?

Si wao husema ni loans. Coincidentally hawa wasee wote wamekuwa in charge of some public kitty at some point in their political careers, na karibia wote walikuwa time ya Jubilee first term heist.

Kenya is a gangsters paradise

with hundreds of millions, it ought to be serious commercial farming. We should be having farms like Delmonte, Kenya Nuts and Kakuzi, etc, employing thousands and exporting their products.

and these figures are understated…

Real estate is the easiest way to hide stolen wealth in Kenya. As long as upeleke pesa kwa bank, and you can show the deed transfer, hakunaga maswali mingi. Now, the problems come when trying to sell land. Ebu kesho amka, and try to advertise your kaquarter. It will take years to ever sell the land if you ever do