Cabinet Reshuffle

Since Muthamaki wants a good legacy when his term ends. With the recent madness in looting kuna watu wataonyeshwa mlango .

Umefikiria mbali sana

rate uhuruto so far

ndio nini?

Why do you think that Muthamaki is not part of the looting group!

Kenyans do not believe that any fat cat will go to jail. The Ngaritas are not fat cats by corruption standards and if they go to jail it will be like feeding Kenyans a few bread crumbs. There are better hidden thieves.

The Ngaritas are the lowest in the corruption food chain in Kenya. They must be jailed but investigation must continue until the fat cats are arrested.

Kuna movie kali sana ya 2013 inaitwa prisoners. In that movie a young girl is kidnapped don’t remember the whole plot accurately but the long and short of it is that the father of the girl whole heartedly believes that a particular person kidnapped his beloved daughter. SPOILER ALERT. Anakasirikia police kabisa over why they aren’t arresting the fellow and extracting info from him and jailing him. Hadi mwishowe he takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps the fellow and tortures him terribly for weeks!

Only to find out much later that the suspect he is torturing was also a victim of the criminal they are all chasing. So wewe kama raiya in your mind and in Gado’s mind you have this vision of who the culprit should be, na ukiletewa na polisi unasema hapana sio huyo.

Hata serial killer Ted bundy vile aliletwa kortini the judge himself was totally blown away by the charming outspoken lawyer turned serial killer. He even admitted it during sentencing. the handsome outgoing Ted bundy did not fit public expectation. So wewe unaona kabura the somewhat innocent girl na the ngirita’s innocent family lakini uliza CID wakupatie uhondo.

No I don’t think they’re innocent. But they’re not the ones that pocketed the billions. The Ngaritas only took what? 60 million? That is a drop in the ocean in comparison with the 9 to 11 billion missing.

Inaitwa Prisoners…the ending though:confused::confused:

The Ngiritas among others were just used as conduits of stealing the money as they got “small tokens” for facilitating the heists. The remaining billions went to shady individuals who know how to hide they tracks so well, and they can only be uncovered by the NYS officials, since they were in this all together.

just over 300 million all combined. the brother took 72 million.

CID wameingia phase 2 of the search for the remaining 8 billion. The ngiritas could be hiding a lot more. They already had flats and other businesses, kwani hio yote ilijengwa na hio 300 million walipata juzi? hapana. There must be more to the story. Hata nys chapter 1 most probably walikula.

The fact that Lillian Mbogo is afraid of naming them negates your entire statement.

what do you mean by afraid? Afraid how?

When asked by the parliamentary committee, she keeps dodging the issue, she doesn’t deny or confirm they exist.

hizo 300 million za ngirita family zikiongezwa na hizo zingine zinakuja itafika 8 billion before you know it. That’s if investigations are successful. 1billion is a thousand million so Ngirita family had a third of a billion. combined with their co accused recently when they were in court ilikuja 460 million total. four sixty something million. thats almost half a billion. Huto tu 20 million unaskia, sijui 15 million usitudharau tunafika 100 million haraka sana.

nyinyi in your minds mnataka kusikia ati mtu amekula 5 billion pekee yake in one go na akuwe mheshimiwa fulani… mnasahau hutu tu 30 million, 20 million ni pesa mingi sana pia. There was one person who was said to be withdrawing millions almost daily from the banks at Nakumatt mall along kiambu rd.

baba , wewe na @obienga muta publish novel mwaka gani ?

When you can afford it, otherwise endelea tu na trolling, its time well invested