C++ development

What is the best environment to create an application using C++ complete with a user interface and a database?

Noisy environment, thank me later…

There are plenty of them. Visual Studio, Code Lite, NetBeans, Eclipse etc

And if you are really good, you can try borland compiler.

i believe it’s safe to assume that you are a noob because no real C coder will be caught dead asking such silly questions, so I recommend you deal with something simpler like C# or java. If you must do it in C++, you can try MFC, it’s more forgiving to fools and noobs

And next time try using Google kabla uanze kutusumbua

Most people just go with what make things easiest for them. Check Visual Studio Community Edition/Codeblocks + WxWidgets. I’d recommend VS because of the debugger.

There are plenty of IDEs. I’d recommend Eclipse. But then, your question is too vague to give a more definitive response.

Qt creator should do. Qt is easy to learn and has excellent docs.

Qt is for intermediate developers

No, Qt is not for intermediate developers. It is a cross platform toolkit harnessing all of the power of C++. For what the OP is looking for (UI and db), his best bets would be Qt, wxWidgets or MFC. Amongst those three Qt would be best suited for the job.

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