Bye Bye Donald "Lame Duck" Trump ...

It is time for President Joseph Biden
( … feel free to sing along … :smiley: )


Wooishe hawana huruma :D:D:D:D:D:D woi my ribs are gone.

Ouch. The mob is fickle. Even Melania was laughing towards the end.

Waaa. That is terrible.

:D:D:D:D:D aambiwe tu ukweli

Mutaambiwa the crowd was paid for tickets by George Soros. ama the Venezuelan government installed its agents huko ndani. Living in an alternate reality is blissful


:D:D Americans are real savages eti take Erick and junior with you to those lousy Trump hotels :D:D @Purple my dear am sorry for your hero

Rex asante sana. Nimesambaza tiyari ni kicheko biggest worldwide…poor Trump. Dude looks v confused…well just like he confused most Americans in his 4 year reign of confusion, racism and hatred…

Where are his worshipers, the likes of @patco = @T.Vercetti. Your god is enjoying the music

My favorite video. Will watch it in repeat mode for 5 hours. Much better than p0rn

Pan tambua rexxumbwa

americans got no chills:D:D …im starting to think the only reason this doofus won the previous election is that his opponent was a woman!

Trump: “Fake boos, fake spectators, fake commentators, biased stadium”


Feeble minded bonobos don’t even realise that it isn’t even real

Niliambia some 2 simpletons hapa that Jan 20th is coming . Everything is on auto pilot . They thought I was joking…

@T.Vercetti kuja hapa haraka sanaa

Mzito so hata wewe ulikuwa trumper ? Btw wapi @mouraythee na @Mzichi

@Purple must be weeping allover her laptop as she watches this findeo