By the time nafika 30yrs old nitakuwa nimekafunga ~ unemployed Kenyan youth proverb

Wako pale Kwa base ya mogox. Jontez, Sammy, Ochi, Maish, Kim etc. All btwn the ages 19 and 23. As the mogox hits the climax the more stories become delusional. They have already talked about how they will rarua the estate beauty senyeste if they ever gerrit. Mind u this estate b!tch always snubs them. Considers them machokosh in her eyes.

Kidogo kidogo they see a sleek BMW pull up. The estate chic chomokaz akiwa amevaa mini sketi and high heels. The doors of the Bima are opened for her by a guy with adidas juu chini…u guessed it right it’s panyaste. But that’s a story for another day.

Back to maboyz…"wawawawa umecheki hio ndae ya pawa? Wueh alafu huyo mahns amekuvalia adidas juu chini ya bei mbaya. Na umecheki ma bling manze? Wewewewe noma.

Manze mimi nikifika kauthate lazima nikue nimekafunga…nitakuwa mtu mapesa mbaya mbovu. All agree in unison as Jontez lifts his glass of cheap liquor and says inshalla sote tutakuwa birrionaires by the time tufike Kai salasa.

LMFAOOO, dream on Boyz dream on.

That’s why u will find many turn to crime when they realise their dream was just a mirage. U re-elect Uhuruto thrice and want to elect Ruto in 2022 and expect to make it in life .

Hapo kwa mtu akona BMW ati ni wewe umetudanganya…but you have a point on the election of leaders

I pity maboys wa muguka base. It’s either glorified slavery or a life of crime for them. No money, no connections, no education, no special skills or talents that are commercially viable. Politicians lie to them that they are the future, the leaders of tomorrow. Truth is they are destined to be watu wa kusomba maji, kuchimba mtaro ya sewage, kuchanganya simiti kwa mjengo na kujaza matatu for 10 bob. Then when they are too old to work for their daily bread wanarudi ocha wakibeba juala, waanze kupambana na moshi ya kuni na kusquat kwa pit latrine na kuchota maji mtoni. After 40+ years of labour they’ll have nothing to show for it and their kids will continue the same damn cycle. Deep down inside Johnte, Maish and Ochi know this is their future, that’s why they get high all day and all night kwa jaba base, dreaming about things that will never ever happen. Poverty is a prison!

Actually I dont believe the cycle replicates itself in this situation. Only a mentally incapacitated person will let their children grow up in the same poverty they grew up in

Hiyo ni nyumba ya mtu ama cell?

It’s not a question of letting them. Nobody in the slums wants their kids to grow up and be poor casual labourers like them but it still happens nearly every generation. People are products of their environment. A kid grows up being told soma kwa bidii na yeye anaona kuwa msee wa nduthi ni mambo yote. By the time he realizes its a dead end he already has a wife and kids of his own, the mission changes from giving them a good life to providing the basics. In that way it becomes a cycle which is very difficult to break free of.

  • Someni Outliers Book by Malcolm Gladwell explains alot

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Hio ni nyumba ama kiosk?

Ala, haka kapanya-sty hakajakufa na Corona?

7 hours? Tusome au tuskize? I prefer reading


The poor watakufa poor.

The cyclical nature is also replicated in young single mothers in Trumpistan.

Majority of the girls who were born to young single mothers often end up repeating that cycle. As a result, they are compelled to dropout of school to take care of the child(ren) with low paying wage jobs. This perpetrates generational poverty that they find hard to break out from.

Not to say that there are no outliers that do make it by getting an education or skill that is marketable to earn a decent living wage.

But mtu uanzia tu mahali. Some of us really have inherited literally nothing material wise from our parents. Imekuwa tu ni God , our solid education and sheer hardwork and determination to succeed. Our circumstances are totally different and once you understand that you will learn to stop comparing your pace with others.

Even those uneducated guys usiwadharau. Never underrate a young man with a dream and passion. Kwanza hao 19-23 wako na time mob sana in their hands to turn their lives around. A primary classmate of mine who never went past class 8 callled me around Feb nimpatie plan ya kujenga rental apartments and at first I thought he was actually kidding. Nigga never been past class 8 but he has some good millions in his account and we are not even 26 years for heaven’s sake. Life ni kujiamini usidharau mtu majamaa. Hao mogoka boys wengine wako na hidden talents ajab, akijielewa ni kusonga kusonga.

Bora uhai

Sonko Joho Kabogo Waititu are financially doing better than all the nation’s prominent professors.

This is the most pessimistic post i have come across.

Very accurate and in this game, the end justifies the means.

Is that your digs in Berlin Germany?

Plus hio life ya msoto sio mbaya vile nyinyi ufikiri. It is a life full of spontaneity, surrounded by friends all the time, very few work-related responsibilities, lots of laughter, cheap alcohol, cheap women… It is happy life, but not successful.