By the balls..

Nahurumia wale waliumia kwa mahospitali sana sana…


Leo umekasirishwa kweli na SafaiCon. Never seen you do a subject twice in one day!:D:D:D

Wueeh!, hii sasa ni kisasi!

Over the weekend I worked on some layouts that I could not print come Monday, cancelled a meeting via whatsapp and preparing to play night catch-up with a carb now. Manic Monday.

:D:D my nuts coiled…

I lost business for real leo. Had to cancel a whole day’s itinerary and just hang around the interwebs. :frowning:

Was literally hanging by balls today, fundi WA giriamas couldn’t understand that network Iko na Shida, lucky a buddy with a shop alinipa cash niwalipe, those Fuckers nimewaambia staki kuwaona tena karibu na gate Ya kwangu

Kuna watu hawakuzuzwa…

sijui kama screen brightness yangu ndio sida but your sketch ni kinda dark. compare to hii



Feel free to replace.
Tecno tingz.

Hahaa hata wewe? MuTecno ,adonbilivit




usicheze na m-burdizo

SafariCow needs to place a full page apology in “Gunia wiki hii”!
Na si tafadhali!

Tulia kiasi. Some of us have been going through this everyday and yet we are right in the capital city.The bottom line is, monopolies are evil and everything should be done to prevent them from happening. Monopolies have never and will never police themselves. Safaricom had the capacity to notify every customer of the impending disruption, but they purposely chose not to. Why? They are arrogant and do not care about market segments who have no other option.Worse is still to come if Safaricom is not cut down to size. Think about this, I only need to strike one building in the city to disable communication and financial services throughout the country for months.It will happen some day, trust me.

Safcon under sieke

Classic illustration of too many eggs in a basket eh?