By a whisker

Acha niseme hii leo…from some time back.

She had been acting up, having strange outbursts at the strangest of moments. Sometimes going silent without warning, then warming up again hours later. As a young bachelor who’d just gone through a break-up, such put me off. Anyway, so about Mercy. She ain’t yellow yellow vile wengine wenu hapa wanapenda. But my oh my, that girl’s skin texture was heavenly. Ushawai gusa skin ya msichana, running your hand down her arms ukahisi mteremko nyweeeee? No resistance? Truly, maji nyingi, vegetables na fruits zaweza tengeza ngozi ya mtu. Yaani, even your heart says fine thank you. To top it off, it was chocolaty. Sometimes i’d see her and want to eat that woman, as in like food, not the other eating. Did I telly you she heard near perky boobs? Zmesimama design Abdalla huinua bendera kila time signals za a good lay waiting ahead kutumwa from the brain. Matiti yake yalikuwa yamesimama tisti. Ass ilikuwa medium, si zile unatembea nyuma ya dame ukiimba karat kabich, karat kabich, karat kabich, ama punglu pangla, punglu pangla, punglu pangla, hadi unagonga kichwa kwa mast za Kenya Power. Mnh mnh! Zake hazikuwa superdrum. Just sizable meaty holders. Halafu the smile ni zile mwanaume unapewa unaona the whole world opening up, letting you conquer it. …Enough of that.

On this day, nimeenda kwao, a few compounds away from kwetu. We’d just moved in. I found her in a long buttoned up shirt, and it seemed nothing else was underneath. Juu zile nipples niliona pale, ni kala arrows za Robin Hood. Niko pale tunaongea kidogo, kidogo, and I think her thighs got me drunk coz the next thing I recall is being given those sexy eyes, thighs kupanuliwa kidogo and a comment “hata ndio maana nimekuwa na outbursts lately”. It finally figured, the poor damsel wasn’t getting any. Signal zilifikwa Abdalla through Express way, au labda concorde juu response ilikuwa swift and super fast “acha nikusaidie”.

She looked around and said “not here”, coz that home happens to have a lot of traffic at times, you may think it is teh UN headquarters. We agreed twende kwetu. Sisi hao tunatembea mdogo mdogo, storh moja mbili. Then i realized I don’t have CDs in the house and if i do, sijui kule ziko (we just moved in). No way I am becoming an artist wa dryfry. No risks. Mimi nikamchapia “wewe ingia home nakuja”. She knew what was up and agreed with a huge grin.

Nilikimbia kwa shops bila kupumua, as if hewa was too heavy and breathing would make me run slower. Kufika pale, the first attendant gives me something resembling a CD, nikamrudishia, the second , third and forth shops hawana. Kwani these people don’t screw? I asked myself. Luckily, the fifth one had the one and only trust condoms. Nikachukua paketi mbili plus stock za mwaka. Mercy angeniona angefreeze, because hata shop attendant alishtuka. Nikachukua na ndizi kadhaa (I heard they help in this business) na kuanza kurudi. Running back, nyuma yangu naskia honking, nashangaa what is wrong coz hata I am walking by the roadside. The honk was low, but all so suddenly, whoever it was hit one last loud one…

Nikajipata nimeamka, in the office, on a boring Thursday afternoon

Wish you would have woken up after successfully completing a wet-dream cycle. Wet trousers evidence

Nice hekaya

did you know…when a new handle starts with a hekaya…thats an old mate around here not trying to open his world of peasanty with the respected pimped handle…KNOW YOU KNOW

Who told you I’m new? Don’t let the “villager” tag fool you. Been here for very many months

Not bad Hekaya, stop day wet dreaming, start thinking vile utatengeneza pesa1

Hekaya timam. Though incomplete.