By 2030 East Africa Federation Will Have One President

One passport is already in place, next step ni single currency then SGR and common traffic code.

When we become a fully fledged Federation we will realize the untapped potential. The main problem will be that advanced economies such Kenya will be slightly dragged back by cesspits such as DRC but our children’s children will be the main beneficiaries huko ma 2050s

[SIZE=5]East Africa To Get One President [/SIZE]

No, it won’t

Amongst those, the best suited is Kagame

Hot Air.

Emperor William Samoei Ruto loading.:D:D The supreme leader of the Federation of East African Republics B[/B]!:smiley: Or is it the Federation of East and Central African Republics? B[/B]

How do you even start mazematics ya Equalizing USh with KSh? Alafu Kaguta even on his death bed wouldn’t dream of relinquishing power, Kama Qaddafi with his US of Africa was a threat, sembuse Kenya Next door? TZ is most welcome, I love their girls too much.

Those kind of things can only happen if they suit the interests of the west.
Hio ya ku “realize the untapped potential” ni strictly forbidden for nyeuthi especially if said potential involves minerals.