Bw. @Spear, Galana - Kulalu

[SIZE=6]Kilifi MCAs pass motion to stop Galana-Kulalu food project
[SIZE=4]This will be a litmus test of the power between State House, Parliament and the counties. How are Kingi and Co. planning to stop the project, and what alternatives will they offer? [/SIZE]

Opposed for opposition’s sake. This is defeatist. Why Africans will remain behind is really elementary. It wouldn’t require further studies.

Some heads are just full of sawdust…

Gover will just divert funds to other areas then fools start complaining of how they have been neglected

Counties are not sovereign states, they cannot stop national projects just because it does not tickle their fancy

This makes no sense? The land in question belongs to the government no county can enforce what happens on government land.

They have valid grievances, though.

The proposed leasing or “privatisation” of 20k acres of the land should be taken with a pinch of salt.

But the constitution provides that they are wholly responsible for matters agriculture within their areas of jurisdiction, does it not?

Why waste money on a white elephant project?


Somehow they expect it to be handed over to county:D:D:D:D.

It’s a 1 million age farm under ADC (national government) spanning Kilifi, Tana River, Kitui and Garissa counties. 500000 acre of it is migratory corridor for pastrolist and wild animals.

The 10000 model farm is done, the research paper is being drawn. The full development plan will then be designed. Later in the year it will now be tendered for full development by PPP. The land will be leased not sold to Private companies as they are trying to use as propaganda. It will remain under ADC. The Dan alone will cost 25 billion. The maize plantation will take 200000 acres, Wheat 200000 acres and horticulture 100000 acres. The remaining 500000 acres will remain as is to be a wild animals reserve and migratory pastoralists. They will get boreholes and water points along that section for communal use. Development of the project may cost up to $ 1 billion in five years something the government is giving to the private sector to shoulder.

Wacha kingi ajiongeleshe. So far all the maize grown there have been donated as relief food for the residents of the four counties.

Agriculture, environment, emergency calls for the coordination of the two levels of government, an alien thing in some counties.


Most counties are using the existing national government structures after seeing the folly of forming parallel structures.

They are trying to create a gravy train…

Kingi is pathetic.
He has done nyet as far as food security is concerned.