How did they survive that onslaught by PSG?

They will win the CL this year.

I knew they would progress but when it comes to the biggest stage, Dortmund never fail to disappoint. Even with the whole world behind them including me, premium tears loading in the final.

Any sane person knew PSG was nothing before borussia. BVB has been outstanding bro. No way PSG could knock them out. Remember borussia topped in their group as well. A group that was perceived to be a “group of death” that had PSG, Ac Milan na Newcastle.

Firstly PSG was in the verge of getting knocked out by Barcelona, were it not for that stupid red card that completely changed that game in favor of psg. In the quarters was just apparent Barcelona ilikuwa the better team lakini PSG got super lucky.

The same PSG was minced by Newcastle in the group stages. I mean PSG wamefika hapa by pure luck. Kwa hii competition nayo hawana any brilliance. This was to be the end of the road for them.

Real Madrid vs BVB final. Na the owners are taking it home for the 15th time.

The game is so rigged

I hope they ift this okombe, we need a new team lifting the big ears trophy

Okombe ya anchiloti. Figsed

okombe inaendea the usual suspects., real madrid