Buzeki Enterprises owes NCBA Sh2.7billion loan

Mkuu natafuta diff ya 6 by 4 nataka kuwekea 2540 currently ni 6 by 2. Kazi ya kugwama gwama nmechoka

What the Muslim guy was talking about the other day in his family business. Hesabu za mafuta never add up

Iweke bogie ya beiben huingia perfect kwa mercedes mp1 , 2 na 3. Lakini diff ziendane na gearbox, ama ujipate na topspeed ya 40 km/hr.
Lakini kama ni lami all through weka terias ya nyuma ya tyres za 11R. Ukiload unashukisha diff inakuwa tandem axle group.
Ka 6x2 you will miss the speed, kanaendanga kama gari ndogo. Double diff ni kuvurutana esp kwa lami

So what’s this guy’s real story. Mnasema alicon kashosho land?


pock such calls. Block all of them.

Exactly,!!! Am sure the plan was to be Govenor then the common mwananchi taxes to pay for these huge loans.Its incredible the amounts of money people handle ati 2billion!

Why did you quit driving. Seems like you were making good money. ?

Usitupe mbachao kwa msala upitao. Besides can’t ditch my job for trucking business…huko kuna pata potea nyingi sana. Too many variables

Inakaa ulimuita kang’ura hehehe

They change numbers every day…

Weka na ukubwa wake sasa
“Kingura giki tiga kudaga na mathimu, gariiha fengi doona besha”

Rain started beating this guy immediately after elections. He got some trucks on loan from Multiple Hauliers while expecting more business from Bamburi and other new cement company that was opened in Oloitoktok but things didn’t turn up as planned. The business was very low hence most trucks went unused and loan amount was huge…He opted to delay payments to Multiple Hauliers which almost grounded them… Multiple transferred the trucks with the loan to Buzeki and that’s why he’s messed up now. But the business itself is like brokerage…The trucks are all on loan, he secures contract,get paid directly to the bank which deducts it’s percentage of loan and balance he uses to pay employees and the circle begins again compared to others who own trucks fully

Sometimes I feel like crying when I see the kind of ‘successful’ people we have in Kenya. Shady uncultured characters who can’t even coherently explain anything about themselves or their ‘business interests’. Mimi niko hapa na masomo yangu na kizungu yangu mob and I’ll never see that billion in my life because I don’t know how to work the system and even if I did I simply don’t have the connections to do it.

“You’re just jealous/ You’ll never see a billion with that attitude.”

I’m sure some dumbass will say something along those lines, having completely missed the point. Anyway that’s life I suppose. It was never meant to be fair.

Hehehe woi. King’ura. Kari kia njogu?

The company is at place called Merrueshi it is Devki Cement Clinker Plant.
Are Multiple still Big in Kenya?


Very big

Lest you forget, do you remember ukiiba Mchanga na kilori ya mchinku?

When you owe a bank 1 Mirrion, that is your problem…
When you owe a bank 2.7Birrion, that is their problem…