Buying vs Chasing

When i was in campus, i had all the time to chase ladies all over. In campus i was well known as a kadinya…not that i kamuad them that much but because i could hit on every good pussy anywhere. I could take a walk in estates, sometimes with my friends, and out of 10 girls, 8 ‘got into my box’, same way with campus girls. Later in the day, i could sieve who to kamua and not.

Now, am chasing after money, the only time i have is for my sleep and juniors thus i have no time to verbally chase after pussies. So what’s wrong with my money speaking?

Idle Beta males without money have a problem with that. Some of us are busy kukatia ladies and we even have no time to go hunt them, so our money does all that work for us. So if you see elders buying pussy like @Mpenda @uwesmake @cortedivoire etc its because they have the money and all their time is spend after money.

So why couldn’t you isolate those 3 individuals mentioned and send them that message privately, why involve all of us in you shenanigans

How you get your women determines whether you are poor and idle or wealthy and busy?

Lol! So why are you explaining yourself to us? Are you looking for validation? More so, from Ktalk streets?

so you want us to validate you for paying women (hookup)? we will not. Stop casting your net wide on 50 women and running around like headless chicken with no strategy, lock your target (one or two) and go for the jugular, repeat the process when you need fresh ones

I only lock my target on money trades and tenders. Rest have no time for.

Those are rants from a man who wishes he was leading a different life from the one he is leading right now.

Malissa hii jaba consumer

Do your shit in silence.

Safi jmoy, teach these kids

general comments kwa general category

Says a man who spent 12k on overused pussy…

Beta male if you’ve never experienced the raw desire of a woman who truly wants you and gives it up without you chasing or “katiaring” her then you really need to evaluate your life choices. Women will go to great lengths to fuck the men they’re attracted to. It’s the betas that they’re not attracted to that are made to pay up or jump through the hoops of “katiaring.”

Many of them fuck us free only by seeing our life standards- rolling like real millionaires. As long as you dress well, live in a good home/house, drive a good car, good shoe, good phone ka @Mpenda na Iphone and appear like you got your shit together, your work is filtering them na kichungi. Uliza @uwesmake