Buying some sexy Lingerie!

Wadau, kuna katoto ka mtu msafi, hodari amenikolea, I want to gift her some lingerie package lakini sijui ntaanza kutafuta wapi & quality stuff. Married men/fellow dating guys wa kijiji or our esteemed señoritas @Finest wine @Hethi @Cleopatra VII , a hand please…stores you’d recommend.
Wasenge wa kijiji kindly keep off this thread!

Enda My Curves, Sarit Centre. Japange na kitu 10k. Bra pekee ni 6,500.

Your girl will love the high quality.

Katoto ka mtu msafi = You cross dresser. Ukizipata ingia duka ya high hills pia

Maliza hiyo cocksucker mwenzako kabisa

I seell langaries broo kam inbox tuonge nko Rng plaza…more info inbox

I don’t think you can really gift undies to a lady you have just met, LETA HEKAYA IN FULL. It is a personal thing…you must have seen quite a few of her undies to get the gift right;). Not to worry…there are very many shops online, you can get just about anything…try ASOS online. Mimi ni mtu wa Marks and Spencers ama ASOS online. Unaweza nituma Marks & Spencers…am homing this wikendi naweza leta. Do you know her size?
@Baby Panay @tall mnyama everywhere @Vinnywaf @Wanaruona DUDES THE INFAMOUS TRIP IS IMMINENT…nowhere to hide.

Admin open an LGBTQ forum - tumechoka na hizi sewage drillers

Ata mimi nilishangaa how a man can enter one of those places.

@Cleopatra VII = @Hethi = @Bingwa Scrotum

Wewe unauza dungarees not lingeries

Amekuokolea na nini ?

Ukirudi niletee kufuli ya assa abloy ama multi-lock padlock. Huko kwenu ni cheap. Ukipata KT105 will be great[ATTACH=full]429066[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]429067[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]429068[/ATTACH]

Where are they found? I hope it is not something bought online coz it might not arrive here by Friday…hopefully found in B&Q??


Hizo ni gani sasa?

A quick look naona they are in SW London…and am in Seuth. Ni mambo ya buying online and delivery then? ask them how long their deliveries take?

You ask them. Nimetoa ebay. I went to Westland wako very expensive. Atleast huko i can save a couple of ndorras.

Yes… lakini ni wewe ujifanyie paperwork/legwork. Kazi yangu ni kuleta…wacha kudoea na uvivu…BTW where is @ChifuMbitika…he owes me a crate of multi-lager pilis? sasa ataingia mitini:D.

Wewe uliza bei unitumie

But hata nikiuliza, will they deliver to me in 2/3 days? the only thing standing between me and JKIA is covid certs and Kenyan Visas which I hear we now have to apply at the Embassy here…your boy Uhunye has ensured we cannot apply at the airport on arrival…so in short sina time. By now you should have checked that. Mundu uria wina fata niwe waraga gitanda…:D:D:D.